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You’ve probably heard the word “foot fetish” at least once and can imagine what it is. What is this fetish that a person can have? If you understand that you have it and want to introduce it into your sex life, then how to do it? What is its safety?


Among the owners of foot fetish (also called podofmilia) are people who consider legs to be sexually attractive. They get sexual pleasure from any touch of their feet (kissing and massage of the feet, some like it when they step on their genitals with their feet or masturbate with their feet).


People who practice foot-footage consider it a necessary part of their sexual life, and orgasms without using legs in sexual contact or in fantasies either are not bright and intense, or they are too weak and do not bring the proper satisfaction that a person with such a fetish desires.


People with foot fetish can have completely different preferences: some prefer clean and tidy feet, and some prefer dirty and sweaty feet, some have huge feet, and some prefer small ones. Legs can be different, but for each type of legs it is possible to find a lover of one kind or another.


What is the reason for this fetish?


  • There are various scientific theories and studies that explain the origins of foot fetish. It is well researched because it is one of the most common and well-known sexual fetishes: in one fetish experiment, scientists found that about half of the men and women surveyed believed they had a foot and leg fetish.


  • In the evolution of a person with a fetish, a desire subconsciously arises to pass on to his offspring a desired trait, for example, beautiful, strong, slender legs for a quick escape from a pursuer and predator or to catch up with his prey. And although this hypothesis of the incomplete end is proven: after all, if they were together, they would be attracted only by the legs and people of the same sex? Now, in most cases, sex is not associated with childbirth.


  • Stimulation of the legs and genitals activates the same areas in the brain. Therefore, it is absolutely normal for physiology to feel excitement and awe when someone caresses your legs, strokes your thighs, knees and massages your feet. Maybe some people take a one-sided view of this part of sexual arousal and action: if I love being stroked on my feet, then others should like it too!


  • The next version is based on the scientific view of Sigmund Freud. He believed that sexual fetishes are born in our minds in early childhood. He also suggested that when a child first realizes the fact that his mother (or the child himself) does not have male reproductive organs, the child experiences a severe shock, and this affects his entire sexual life in the future.


Difference between foot fetish and shoe fetish


In this case, people with a shoe fetish may find it sexually attractive to have feet with shoes on, or simply shoes that have no legs. For example, people with such a fetish may masturbate while using or on shoes, or have their partner put on shoes during sex, and also put them on themselves.

A frequent case can be found among men a fetish for shoes associated with a fetish for lingerie, they consider a seductive woman in erotic lace underwear, stockings and high-heeled shoes. Or they themselves wear such an outfit.


What to do if you realize that you are a foot fetishist?


There is nothing wrong with a foot fetish as long as it does not interfere with your personal life, and if you find your legs or feet seductive, if your sex life becomes brighter and better with different actions with them – why not? Sex is about pleasant sensations and exploration of your own individuality, exploration of your body, so there is nothing shameful and scary in the desire to study and know your fetishes and addictions.


So, if you are sexually attracted and aroused by your legs, you can first look for foot fetish videos, fortunately, there are quite a few of them, and watch your body: does it turn you on? Videos like these can be enjoyable to watch, for example videos on feetwonder.com have a specific aesthetic. Do you want to do something similar, or have it done to you? You can add a foot fetish element to your fantasies and masturbate. Or give yourself a foot massage and watch your feelings.


If you want to, you can invite your partner to introduce foot play into your sex life. You may feel nervous and anxious opening up to him, but this is absolutely normal and natural. Talking about your sexual desires and fantasies is a cool and healthy practice to help you bond and have more fun with each other.


Foot fetish practice


If your partner doesn’t mind exploring foot fetish in more detail, you need to start with certain things:


  • Viewing erotic videos of relevant content with a partner. Share your emotions with each other, tell me if you think it’s sexy, would you like to try some of this.


  • Give each other a foot massage and observe the sensations of your body. Take and send photos of your feet to each other.


  • Wash each other’s feet.


  • Kiss the area around the legs, feet, then you can go down to the feet themselves, perhaps go on to sucking and licking fingers, soles, heels.


  • Foot-job – that is, masturbation to each other with the help of their feet (it is better to watch the video in advance and read additional literature about this).


It is better to start with small actions and gradually move on to complete satisfaction. Do not expect your partner to be immediately ready to use their feet in sexual activity or agree to have their genitals stepped on. It is necessary to reach such vivid and specific manifestations of foot fetish gradually.

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