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Recently I decided it was time to upgrade a staple of my toy chest, my bullet. Buried far, far down, among all the other flashier new toys, lace, suede, chains, and other random bits and pieces, hid my sad (VERY SAD) old bullet. It was a battery powered, cheap although adorably designed thing, barely working thing that I bought on the fly one time many years ago.

So I ventured out and found myself standing before a wall of wonderfully coloured and stylishly designed bullets. I am a fan of external play, so it is pretty damn sad that I made-do for so long.As I stood before all the beautiful packages I started to consider what in the world I was actually after – I mean I never really considered there were so many damn choices! I wonderful worker saw my bewildered face and helped me out with some suitable options, one of which caught my eye in particular, it was a small but very stylish white box with a black band around the base, sporting a very striking image of black tapered bullet on the front.

Evolved – Love is back – ON THE SPOT!”

On the spot, for sure! The worker offered a display toy to check out, and I quickly discovered the box does the toy NO justice. Not only does it have a beautiful light up base (that even changes colour with each setting – no more counting functions to find your fav!And I must say I am a sucker for pretty lights), it has an utterly amazing velvet feeling silicone with a plush feeling diamond designs around the bottom (super comfortable for gripping when you are otherwise distracted) and a tapered tip (which allows for a more comfortable feel right where you want it. No hard edges like I have been putting up with this whole time).


I couldn’t wait to get it out to play, I basically flew home! I had a test run alone and was so pleased! FINALLY a worthy bullet! I had been missing out on so much. That night I paired it with my (also recently bought) Diamonds Royal Bedroom set, to surprise my partner. It is just as fun to use with your partner… The tapered tip feels so much nicer against the skin than those of a cylindrical shape, nothing like a hard corner jabbing into you to distract you from the business at hand, especially when using it with another. (Although I can say that those harder shaped ones are certainly alright if you are playing alone, or at a more chilled pace with a partner). On the Spot, hit the spot EVERYTIME, even when there was a lot of movement happening. It has a very easy to hold design and comfortable in the hand too, with its longer (but not too long) length and that beautifully plush matte feel, was nice for both of us to hold. I cannot even tell you how great this bullet feels in your hand. Bonus – It’s not slippery when wet! Helpful because this blessing to the bullet world is also submersible!! WOOHOO! Shower/Bath times have NEVER been so fun.

The light on the base made locating it a breeze, especially considering how quiet the damn thing is! (Another great feature if you share your house with others or are looking for a quiet bullet alternatives). As stated, I love pretty lights so the changing LED is really an awesome feature! I know those things aren’t meant to matter but they kind of do.

It is also rechargeable, and easy to clean with some warm water and a toy cleaner spritz, is such a welcomed change from my sad old bullet which I am choosing to forget ever existed now. Evolved also have a 5 year warranty which is that added piece of mind that you want if you enjoy a rougher play.


Autumn is a consultant at the oh zone adult shops sydney.

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