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I just wanted to write a quick review and say Thank you!!!

I really have to say, thank you for handling me with such respect and being ever so caring on my first ever venture into an adult store. Just so you understand, I was so terrified that as soon as I walked in I almost walked straight back out as I had never ever done this before.

I knew I had to because I really needed to put in some effort to spice my marriage up, with my hands clenched and just so scared to even know where to begin. The female staff member walked over and just started talking to me about the weather and about everyday things which was great. It really did put me at ease enough to spit out why I was there and what I was looking for.

When I started to explain to her all about my history and the pain and suffering https://atril.com/where-to-buy-prednisone/ I have been through, and why sex and toys terrified me, I realized I had never ever told anyone this before in my whole life! And I literally put my hand on the lady’s arm who was looking after me and had tears in my eyes and said wow can’t believe you have made me so comfortable that I just said all that.

So I explained then what I have noticed my husband likes and would like me to be able to do and she walked me through the store, and helped demystify their thousands of products. I just got a few starter items as we discussed were I would be comfortable to begin with and I can honestly say everything I purchased was right in my comfort zone for starting on this all new journey. I think that how she helped me, and spoke to me, has really eased my mind on these matters. I’ve been better able to talk to my husband about all this sex stuff, and I think this communication is a strong start on rebuilding my relationship.

I was so happy by the end of my visit to the adult shop I asked the lady that helped me for her name, and just wanted to shake her hand and show her my gratitude for all her help and understanding. And just the pure respect she showed me throughout my visit to the store, making it more like shopping for shoes or clothes, not sex toys. My hands were still shaking a little and now with tears of joy I thanked her for everything.

I felt so different by the time I left because she had completely put me at ease and really listened to me. So I just wanted to let others know don’t be afraid as the Team at the Oh zone stores are amazing at guiding and helping you find your way.

They all really do make sure you are comfortable at all times, as at one point the store started to fill with other customers and I wanted to run and hide. And because the store is quite big I could, and it was easy for me to just go to another part of the store until the shop lady could come back and help me again. In hindsight, I guess those other customers were possibly just like me, nervous while buying sex toys, but it was still great to be able to keep away from others.

Thank you so much for completely changing my expectations of what an adult shop is actually like, and for being such a caring, sensitive and understanding person. You honestly made me so comfortable and while I’m sure I’ll still be nervous the next time I come back into your lovely clean store, I’m sure I’ll feel a lot more at ease knowing your discretion and sensitivity are at the forefront of your customer service.

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