How I kept sex with my girlfriend alive… while I was half way around the world

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So I kind of decided to move halfway around the world to New York to pursue my career in Media for a year. It was one of my dreams to always live and work in New York City so there was no way I was turning it down. There was one issue. Bianca and I have been together for 3 years, she is definitely the love of my life and can confirm she is the so called “One”. The dilemma was that Bianca owns her own business which she needs to physically be there for. It’s not the pick up and go type and you can run it sitting on a beach in the Bahamas. For as long as we have been dating, she always new my dream was in New York. She knew that it would mean the world to me and if I was to ever get that opportunity, I would take it in a heartbeat. We sat down and had a discussion. To my surprise, she was so cool and calm about it. She said that, she will fly over and have a snowy Christmas in New York and spend New Years with me and also she’ll come across for the 4th July independence day for 2 weeks. The discussion of sex and needs came up. It came through a joke that she made, saying “You better not think about getting yourself a little ghetto queen over there”, I couldn’t stop laughing because little did she know that I decided that if we make it through this year apart, I’m getting on one knee in the middle of Time Square on New Years when she is over here.


Bianca was always the spontaneous type and a sexual deviant. Two weeks before I was meant to fly out, she sent me a text saying to meet her for lunch. She pretty much said it’s a new cafe in Caringbah. She sent me the address and I met her at the front, except it wasn’t a cafe… It was an adult shop. I said to her “This place looks like they do a mean steak” she replied, “If you’re leaving me for 1 year, there is no way I’m going to cope with just you telling me how much you want to fuck me over skype”. We went in and the girl there was so bubbly “Hey guys, how’s your day going”, automatically I thought wow this is different. She told us if we need any help, just to give her a yell. Bianca and I walked around the store, giggled and had a laugh. I was going to miss spending time with her and then my dick seem to simultaneously agree. Bianca walked over and asked the lady for some help. “So… his leaving me for a year to gallivant around New York. We want to get some things that will keep our sex life alive”. Well lets just say who knew sex toys have come this far.


She said that there are a few things that we can get and continued to show us our options. “Let’s start with you” as she looked at me. “Men are way easier to please then woman” she continued. Bianca shot out a quick and quirky “Agreed”. She showed us the Fleshlight range which I heard about. She continued to tell us that she would recommend going with the Fleshlight Crystal Ice which was the clear one, reason being is that when we do have Facetime sex, Bianca can see my penis going through making it extremely stimulating for the both of us. She said that when we are together, we can also use it. So that was pretty much me sorted. She added that I should get a thicker lube that is warming to make it more realistic, I ended up getting the Wicked Toy Fever Heating.


Now was Bianca’s turn. Bianca had in her mind that she wanted to get two toys for some reason. I was the one leaving her so I just said “Baby you get whatever you want”. She ended up finding a really strong G-Spot vibrator, it was by Evolved. She liked the fact that she could use it internally and on her clitoris when we have sex together. The lady showed us the We-Vibe Sync, which is designed to be used anywhere in the world. It was pretty much perfect for us because while I was on facetime on my Ipad with Bianca, I can control her vibe from New York to make it feel like we are more together. She said that I can get the matching Cockring one and just put it on my testies and Bianca can control so I don’t miss out either. We ended up getting everything that the lady recommend.


–  – –   9 Months Later   – –  –


So 9 months has gone passed and I thought I’d check in. What a difference those toys have made to our sex life as a whole but to the fact that we now have the kinkiest and funnest time using them on Facetime together. Bianca came over for her two week visit in July and it was so good to be able to properly use them together. We love the We-Vibe the most. I won’t lie, I cum a little quicker when she wears it because it vibrates on my penis but hey it’s the fun of it. I made her wear it when we went to Wal Mart, lets just say she was dropping everything because I kept turning it on and off randomly.


I highly recommend to any couple that is doing a long distance relationship to really look into getting masturbators and any toy that is app compatible. It will ease so much sexual tension and add so much more fun and excitement to your relationship that transcends beyond the oceans.

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