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The LELO Loki Wave is a great product. My first interests in this toy was from a story I had heard about a wife who was trying to convince her husband into anal play, to which after purchasing the Loki Wave the husband said how amazing it had been. I was interested and had been attempting to persuade my partner into trying something like this and had already gotten him to try easy anal play.

I bought the Loki Wave a top 10 sex toy as it is a great toy to use either way (vaginally or anally), so with my logic, if he didn’t like it, I was still sure to have a great time with it. Loki’s “Wave” is very intense and has 10 different settings which also allows the user to turn off the vibration having only the wave or turning off the wave having only vibration and allowing for different intensities of vibration. I think being able to do this is great as having both the wave and vibrations on at once can be very intense or overwhelming. The interface is located on the handle where there is an indented circle surrounded by “<” and “>” to switch through the 10 different settings and “-” and” +” to change the intensity of each setting. The silicone used for this toy is incredibly soft and smooth making is very pleasant to use and feel on the skin. This also makes the toy feel even better when combined with a good water-based lube creating an amazing silk like texture.

First experience

The first time I used Loki I volunteered to use it first as my partner didn’t want to be the guinea pig. We started off with the first setting and began to cycle through playing with the intensities of each setting. I must say I had never felt anything like this. While going through each setting we got to one that felt like no other toy I had ever used before. The wave was going as well as a deep pulsing vibration. I have to say it was one of the most intense and amazing feelings I had ever had in my life (no my life is not very exciting), my partner had watched the whole thing happen and suddenly he was asking to try the toy and was very excited about feeling the Loki waves power, he was finally convinced in everything I had told him leading up to buying the toy.

Of course, after cleaning the toy we switched and it was finally his turn. His entire attitude towards the toy had changed. We started very slow and eased him into it as he hadn’t ever really had anything go up there. We found the best way to keep him calm and not over think this new feeling was to give oral while inserting, which worked! Once it was in, I turned it on and started on the first setting as I did with myself. The feeling he described to me was very similar to what I had felt. It wasn’t long before it was all over. He was speechless, both at the fact he had just experienced anal play but also because he had experienced an orgasm different to what he had every experienced.

It wasn’t long before he was eager to try it again to see if he could experience something better than the first time. So naturally we tried again, giving oral while inserting but this time once the toy was entirely in, I stopped the oral and let him focus on what he was feeling. This time took a little longer as there was not two sensations at once for him to concentrate on. He said that this time he was able to focus on the feeling and just let it happen as it happened. From what I could see he was enjoying every second of it and was really embracing this new found experience. This time around he described his orgasm as more intense as it was mostly prostate stimulation and only slightly oral. He enjoyed this orgasm a lot more than the first time and experienced something very similar to what a female would experience as he had somewhat of an idea on what to expect to feel.

Final opinion of Loki

Personally, I think the Loki wave is a fantastic toy for couples who want to explore prostate massaging with the added benefit of her being able to using it as a vibrator and G spot stimulator / massager. This toy opens up opportunity to for creativity and venturing into new experiences together. I would recommend The Loki Wave to anyone male or female who either wanted to start exploring or maybe just wanted something a bit different.

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