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Continued From Lovense Part 1



With both an internal and external stimulator the Nora is Lovense’s one and only rabbit vibrator, the shaft is insertable a full 12 cm and has a rotating head equipped with 3 rotational speeds, for direct g-spot stimulation. Although the shaft does NOT vibrate, the external arm does provide your clitoris with intense vibrations and these do partially travel through the shaft as well, but the shaft on its own does not vibrate at all and the rotating head is the only thing providing you with internal stimulation. The external arm is preinstalled with a total of 7 different vibration patterns, but you can edit these and create new patterns via the Lovense Remote app as mentioned in part 1. The Nora can offer upto 4 hours of continuous use, although is non-submersible, it has the unique ability to sync with other compatible Lovense toys and can therefore respond to another toy in real time for easy and intimate long distance sex.


Max 2


Max 2 is, as its name suggests, the second generation of Lovense’s Max, which is their masturbator. What makes this toy unique is the 360 degree contractions, with 3 depth levels, this is the only toy on the market that uses this type of technology to mimic the contractions of a partner during sexual intercourse. The Max 2 also has 7 vibration modes preinstalled, which like any Lovense toy can be changed and added to via the Lovense Remote app, this toy can be used for upto 4 hours continuously, although similar to the Nora cannot be submerged. The sleeve within the Max 2 can be removed for cleaning and completely replaced, there is also a vagina sleeve available for purchase separately. This toy is compatible with the sync option on the Lovense Remote app and can interact with other compatible Lovense toys to give you a more realistic and enjoyable long distance experience.


Lush & Lush 2


The Lush and Lush 2 are practically identical in terms of usability with the key difference between the two being that the Lush 2 has been designed to be more easily controllable from the toy itself. Both toys hold a traditional egg design with a body made to sit comfortably within the vagina against the g-spot and a tail extending out of the body for easy removal. The original Lush hosts its button on the body of the toy, versus the Lush 2 which has its button on the tail to be more easily accessible during use. The Lush 2 is also noted to have a larger, more powerful and longer lasting motor. Both of these products are completely submersible with a maximum run time of 3 hours and a noise level topping at 45.5 dB making it super discreet and great for public play. Although it does not come with a handheld remote of any kind so to control this toy remotely you must use the app.




The Hush is the only toy within the lovense line that comes in multiple sizes, with both a small and medium size this plug is great for those of all anal training levels. Although it’s important to note that the 2 sizes only differ in their diameters and all other dimensions are identical. The Hush is designed with small spirals along the neck to trap lube near the sphincter and also features a flared base with the front end curved up to stimulate the perineum although this also serves as an antenna for optimal bluetooth connectivity. This toy is completely submersible in water and can be used for up to 2 hours after a full charge but similar to the Lush/Lush 2 does not come with a handheld remote so the only way to control this toy remotely is via the app.



Ambi is a super unique ‘bullet’, with a shape resembling something out of Alien vs. Predator of The Fifth Element it very loosely fits this categorisation, although Lovense does provide their explanation for this. The toy is designed to provide its user with both pin point and broader stimulating sensations depending on how exactly the toy is held. Ambi is completely submersible and can hold up to 2 hours of charge, the toy hosts some really high intensity vibrations although they do tend to travel really heavily through the handle. With the majority of Lovenses range there are a good selection of the particular type of toy with some type of app controllability, but Ambi is the first bullet that I personally have ever seen to be app controllable which is gives the brand a leg up on its competitors as this greatly improves the versatility of the toy, which is all in addition to its super conveniently placed button on the actual toy.



Lovense’s Edge hosts a pretty standard design in terms of shape, which is to be expected considering it’s a wearable prostate vibe and there’s not a huge amount of room for creativity within those constraints. But what is pretty cool about it is the strength of the arm once you’ve moved it to your desired angle, so it stays in your preferred position no matter how much you jostle it whilst inserting. The Edge is completely submersible and can hold up to 2 hours of charge, it also boasts the inclusion of 2 individually controllable motors for high levels of vibration fuelled stimulation on both the prostate and the perineum. Overall the Edge is a really strong toy, in both vibration and design.

Domi 2


Similar to the Max 2 and Nora, the Domi 2 is non-submersible but considering this toy is a wand this is pretty standard, not many wands are even splash proof which the Domi 2 is. The Domi 2 gives rumbly vibrations that travel though the whole body, alleviating the nuisance of a buzzy vibration that is overly loud and understimulating. You can get up to 6 hours of use after a full charge with this toy which considering the average run time for a rechargeable toy is about 2 hours is superb. The neck of this wand is ultra flexible allowing for a multitude of positions, the Domi 2 also has 2 heads available for purchase separately, both of which are unique and multipurpose. One is made for men with an insertable prostate side and a masturbator side, while the other head is designed for women with a g-spot targeting insertable portion and a textured clit stimulation side.

Osci 2


The eighth and final toy within the Lovense line up is the Osci 2, a fully submersible g-spot targeting toy. Although make sure not to mistake the Osci 2 for a vibrator because it isn’t, the toy doesn’t vibrate at all, it oscillates. There’s an oval shaped oscillating mechanism found on the head of the toy designed to directly target your g-spot without needing any form of vibration. Like the whole Lovense range the Osci 2 has a great battery life with a maximum of 5 hours use after a full charge, the toy offers a total of 7 preinstalled functions although you are able to create and store up to 10 on the toy at once using the Lovense Remote App.

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