The 4 Best Masturbators to Occupy Yourself During COVID-19

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There is no doubt that the COVID-19 global pandemic has completely rattled the world. It has caught everyone off guard and has resulted in most countries going into lock-down meaning that most of us have to stay home for the next 2-3 weeks. No clubs, No Dates, No Tinder Booty Calls. Is this the end of the world? No. We will bounce back and recover like we do after every pandemic or global catastrophe. So how can you keep yourself entertained at home? Well I have the top 4 best Masturbators for you to have on stand by today if you have to go into lock-down. I will have a bonus tip on my top lubricant that I would recommend to use also at the end of this blog. The great thing is that the internet isn’t down so Porn is still available at your fingertips. However there is nothing worse than having to self-quarantine for 14 days and only being stuck with your hand.

So here we go!  But let’s take a moment to think of covid safe shopping during this pandemic.  Here is a great option for those in lockdown Sydney July 2021 –

Click & Collect Shopping CoVid Safe Shopping At Adultsmart

Adultsmart is conveniently situated at 12 Production Ave, Kogarah in Sydney’s South.  The telephone is (02) 9533 7217 and the Covid trading hours that are subject to change are 9am-10pm Monday to Sunday.  Click and Collect Services allow you to order and pre-pay for your purchases online.  You can browse at your leisure when visiting an online store and choose the items that you could otherwise not do in store because of Covid restrictions.  It also allows contactless purchases if you choose to utilize a service like the Adultsmart Contactless Click and Collect Option

Tenga Flip Zero Vibrating

The Japanese have always been known for their innovative ways but when it comes to masturbating toys, they are world class. The Tenga Flip Zero Vibrating has to be one of the best masturbators on the market. It’s silicone is super soft with the perfect amount of ripples internally to keep you extremely stimulated. The great thing also is that they have designed it to have pressure points so you can squeeze certain areas which will put pressure on your shaft or knob depending on how deep you go. It comes with 5 different (Rechargable) vibrating functions which adds to that umph to the whole experience. They have also made them super easy to clean, with the toy popping in half and opening instead of having to pull all apart and pull the sleeve out like you would with a fleshlight.

Svakom Alex Thrusting Masturbator

The Alex Thrusting Masturbator by Svakom has to be one of our favourites when it comes to self thrusting masturbators. The thing we noticed most is that it works well under pressure as some cheaper alternatives tend to break or stall when there is a little pressure applied. It comes with 7 powerful thrusting pulsations. The internal textures were designed to be extra stimulating, which feels like it is automatically grabbing. It also comes with 5 interactive fantasties that are burst through the speaker to give you a more full on experience. Don’t be surprised how good it feels to be lazy and let the toy do all the work!

Fleshligh Quickshot Vantage

Sometimes the small ones pack a solid punch. The Quickshot is Fleshlight’s smallest masturbator, it has to be ⅓ of the size of the normal Fleshlight, making it a lot more compact and easier to hide if you still live at home with your parents or with roommates (Just purchase a pair of football socks and hide it in one of them). This is more of a high quality stroker where you do have to do the work however it will be worth it as it is super stimulating with it’s ripples and can be used to stimulate the whole shaft or just stimulate the head of your penis so it can double as a Penis Head Stroker also. Great thing about the Vantage is that when you do have a partner it can be used as the ultimate head giving toy or even as a potential threesome tool. Super easy to clean due to it’s small size.

Tenga Eggs

Don’t want to make an investment into a good masturbator but still don’t want poor quality? Tenga has got you covered. The Tenga eggs are a great cheap and short term way to keep you stimulating, even as a try before you buy option. Each egg design is different with different ripples and sensations to keep you stimulated. The best way to describe it is a thicker rippled condom that has the ripples on the inside. The eggs are a great way to also introduce a partner in on the action also without freaking them out by seeing a massive bulky masturbator. If you want to have a real party, buy seven and have one for each day of the week. This will keep you occupied during isolation.

You can be a rookie and use any type of water based lubricant or you can be a pro and go for the one that is going to give you the ultimate level of stimulation with your masturbator as well as last longer than most other lubricants. Wicked’s Toy Fever Warming is the perfect lubricant for you to use. This lubricant is firstly a warming lubricant which will mean that you won’t feel like you are having sex with a cold zombie, it will provide a more realisitc feel to it. It is also extremely thicker than most other lubricants making it much more comfortable and longer lasting when using it!

Now that we’ve educated you, be sure to rush to your local adult store for these toys like you have been rushing to your local grocery for toilet paper. Stay safe people!

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