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The end of 2020 is fast approaching, to the relief of many people, this year has dragged on forever and also somehow flown by. Either way, we’re all super happy to be leaving it behind and moving forward into a new year and having the chance to restart, reset, and have a better year.

Now the obvious answer to starting the year with a bang would be seeing fireworks, but that’d be a pretty short blog and where’s the fun in that?

We’re talking toys, sex, and romance as always. For those of you staying home hell yeah, we can use almost everything and anything your heart desires, going out makes it harder but not impossible!

For the WLW out there a lot of Fun Factory toys are going to be awesome for you, they have harnesses, they have dongs that look nothing like penises, they have the Share Vibe, which is a strap on that sits internally in both people, this means you both get to enjoy the vibrations rather than just one or the other. The Share Vibe is awesome due to the fact it doesn’t really require a harness for the most part! The bullet that feeds the vibrations through the toy is completely removeable meaning you can use the bullet on it’s own for other things.

Evolved’sCome Together is a very similar toy but rather than being a simple penis shape the entire shaft has notches that makes the toy look like it’s  many balls connected together to make a toy. Evolved toys are super powerful and almost always come with a 5 year warranty which makes them an absolutely amazing choice!

Now for the straight couples you really cannot go past the Evolved Mighty Metallic Wand, using this during sex will take you to a whole new world, the orgasm will be absolutely crazy for the lady, and in turn better for the men! There are also cock rings of all kinds, the Nu Sensuelle Bullet Ring is an amazing choice if you’re after an incredibly strong bullet in the ring, and with a 1 year warranty you’ve got good peace of mind.

Tenga sells their Easy Beat Eggs, which are great on your own, but have your partner incorporate these while you receive a handjob or oral and you’ll never go back to doing these without toys.


Now whether you’re a straight couple or WLW the We-Vibe Chorus is an amazing choice due to the versatility of the toy, you can wear it during sex, use it during foreplay, and of course you can wear it while you go to the New Years Eve party your mate is throwing and have an orgasm right on midnight, completely up to you and how you want to use it. The fact that this toy hooks up  to your phone via Bluetooth and an app makes this the best discrete play toy you can think of that has the ability to be used during penetrative sex as well!

Another option when it comes to wearables for you parties is Lovense, these guys were the pioneers of the remote controlled and interactive toys, their toys are super powerful with amazing customisation options. With their amazing inclusivity there are so many options no matter what your sexuality or gender. Pop one of the wearables in (Lush2 for the ladies, Edge or Hush for the gentlemen) hook up your phone and let the fun begin… No one will even know you are playing with your partner, unless you can’t hold it in!

Now if you’re going to be at home celebrating on your own the options really are endless and depend on what YOU enjoy, would you like the power of Evolved’s Wanderlust which is a wand that has a motor in the head (as they all do) but has the added benefit of having a motor in the handle too, making it completely insertable and opening up the different things you could use it for, this wand is packed with power at both ends.
Or will you go for a Womanizer, using air technology these little guys have a massive reputation and for good reason! This toy simulates oral sex, for those of you out there who love head, or even clitoral stimulation in general this toy is a MUST HAVE! The premium comes with 12 settings, sense touch technology meaning it will not work unless touching skin, and an autopilot mode that means you have a more natural journey to orgasm… The duo on the other hand comes equipped with an insertable section that vibrates while you get the air technology on your clitoris, this toy will have you shaking within MINUTES!


However you’re spending New Years Eve these toys will make sure you enter the New Year feeling the bliss of an amazing orgasm, either on your own or with someone else, and after what 2020 has put us through that’s what we all deserve!

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