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Womanizer has to be at the top for the fastest orgasm its incredible technology that just does the job without missing the beat or falling off the spot haha.

PREMIUM massages the clitoris with the intense push and pull of air technology over 12 intensity levels. Let Autopilot take the lead so you can relax and enjoy contact-free clitoral stimulation with Womanizer’s Pleasure Air Technology. Featuring discreet Smart Silence, PREMIUM is only active when in contact with your skin, so you can take your time and enjoy a new orgasmic sensation.
The Premium has women reaching that Big O in 60 seconds, while 80-90% made it in under 3 minutes, this toy is a game changer and absolutely deserves it’s spot in the favourites list.
Don’t be deceived, this toy isn’t just for the girls, you can use the Womanizer on the delicate head of the penis, underneath, this will absolutely get you places you could never dream of.

Couples best toy would be we vibe chorus!!!

Oh, the fun with this toy is incredible in the bedroom, out of the bedroom, not in the same room, across the globe the play is endless.
With the ability to connect to the app and then invite a partner you can play from literally anywhere without having to worry about distance at all!

One thing I will say do not just buy the toy you must buy lube even if you don’t think you need it you most defiantly do especially using during intercourse. The toy is silicone so there’s a high risk of pain and dryness during use without lube. We recommend the We-Vibe Lube to pair with this toy, it’s water based and perfect for those who are already in love with Pjur’s Aqua!

Another fantastic toy is the Fun factory Volta now this toy is also a toy you can use for many different play ideas, nipples, clit, around the shaft of the penis and the head or on the balls it’s a rather strange looking little toy but wow packed with so much fun and your clitoris will thank you for this toy. The versatility of this toy should have you jumping up and down with joy, as it does many people and adult store employees alike.

Wicked Lube!!!! Oh My this is by far my favourite the Aqua lasts for ages and absorbs into the skin and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized its balanced perfectly so it keeps your pH levels in check, I also love there flavoured range I have to say that Pink Lemonade is the perfect flavour for any sweet tooths out there, while their Watermelon flavour is the pick for those who like a bit of a sour twist in there. Salted Caramel is another flavour you really can’t go wrong with, it’s classic and I don’t think I’ve met a person who doesn’t like it.

They also have a Hybrid range, which is 10% silicone and 90% water, which gives you the slip and slide feel of a silicone lube, it’s long lasting and silky. The 90% water makes it perfectly safe to use with toys because it washes off the second you touch it with water. Another benefit to this lube is that it leaves your skin feeling soft and beautifully moisturised.

My next top Lube would be the Pjur range any of there Anal range is fantastic to use has the perfect consistency for Anal also there women range especially the Nude is fabulous for those of us that are sensitive to particular products seeing as there are no harsh ingredients, no parabens, and it’s fragrance free. The Toy Lube is brilliant for those of you allergic to citric acid and is such a creamy consistency it’s amazing .

Intimate Earth also has a beautiful range of organic, vegan, and cruelty free lubes. Their Hydra is Glycerine and Propelyne Glycol free which is very rare in lubes (it’s not always a bad ingredient, but there can be sensitivities), it’s also great at helping with dryness.

Now the newest range to hit the store is Lovense. Lovense sex toys are the top brand for all things app related in sex toys, not only this but they are super sex work friendly and incredibly inclusive in their toys! They have an app built for couples so they can have their long distance sex, or just have a bit of a play while outside with a wearable on, which is awesome -especially the fact that the Nora and Max2 interact with eachother, and you can connect 2 Noras for our lady lovin ladies, and 2 Max2’s together for our man lovin men-. They really have thought of everything, and then they have another app just for the cammers out there, which includes tip based games, and all that fun stuff.

There are so many options out there that there is a good fit for everyone, come into an Oh Zone adult store the best adult shops in Sydney and speak with one of the lovely consultants to find a good fit for you!

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