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Should society talk about sex more? Absolutely! Why you ask? Well, let’s talk about it.

Firstly, for a very long-time (besides the 60’s) sex has been a very taboo subject to talk about openly in general conversation to anyone besides your partner. Yes, it does make sense, sex is very personal and intimate subject so to only talk about it to your partner is a very normal and common thing. But the thought of sitting down and talking to a group of your friends about sex may be an uncomfortable or daunting thought, and I don’t mean talking about HAVING sex with your friends but more so talking about sex as a general topic. There are a lot of people who keep their sex lives to themselves in fear of saying something “wrong” and being scared of getting judged by their friends just because of a kink or preference they may have. I believe this is because society has taught us that sex is to be done at night, in your bedroom, under the covers with the lights off, as quiet as possible.

For me personally growing up, I was very sheltered and my parents didn’t even give me ‘The Talk’, because they just felt too embarrassed about the subject and it was definitely NOT an openly spoken about thing. Because of this, I grew up and heard all different things but was pretty much led to believe that sex itself was just plain wrong, it wasn’t something that you did unless you wanted to fall pregnant and that was the end of it. Even as an adult I still didn’t have a hugely broad knowledge about sex and only what I had ever done or seen in porn. Of course, after joining the magnificent Oh Zone Adult Shops team, my views about sex changed dramatically.

With all the stigma around sex and sex related things in society today, I believe if we spoke more openly about sex, people would realise that most of the stigma around these taboo topics are actually either myths or unnecessary. No one should ever have to feel bad or embarrassed about their sexual activities or desires! If you like having multiple partners you go for it! If you like getting down and dirty on your kitchen bench then push those pots and pans aside and have fun!

Secondly, the stigma that IS around sex in society can and usually does affect our youth. Adolescents who are going through that vital time in their lives, figuring it all out about themselves and realising their attractions to others, may get confused about their feelings and urges. Now I’m not saying we should just let teenagers run ramped doing what they like BUT if we make society more open to talking about sex, this makes parents and families more comfortable teaching their kids the Do’s and Don’ts about sex as they grow up. This will give them the knowledge they need to protect themselves and know what they should do when they time is right to do the deed.

In all honestly, talking about sexy time openly can actually feel so liberating and can be some of the most fun conversations you might ever have! Being able to talk about something that you normally wouldn’t speak about is so fun and you can learn so much just from even talking to another couple. For example, there’s something that happens or that you and your partner do that you don’t think is normal but you mention it to your couple friends and they immediately reply with “THAT HAPPENS TO YOU TOO?!” and after not too long you realise that’s it’s all normal, it happens to other people as well! (speaking from experience). Or you spark up a conversation about funny sex stories or experiences you’ve had and you all end up laughing and talking for hours to the point where your face hurts from smiling and laughing so much.

To sum all of it up in a nutshell, yes, I 100% think that society should talk about sex more. And I absolutely believe it would help a lot of people feel less embarrassed about their sexual preferences or their kinks. I also think it would make society more accepting and open minded towards people in the kink and play communities who often get shunned for their preferences and their enjoyments. I think it is safe to say that this would help ALOT of people. Have a think about it and see whether you think society should talk about sex more. Try to spark up a conversation with friends about sex or sex stories and see where it goes, you’ll be surprised about what you might learn or even find out about yourself just by hearing someone else’s side of things!


Tiffany is an Oh Zone Consultant.

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