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Oh, the days of good old hormones racing, the pulse at 100 beats a second and bedsheets crumpled in every position possible, a window open with a sheer curtain blowing softly as you recover from your marathon of pleasure and have been left in a pile of dripping sweat and heavy panting.

But it is so easy to have these moments at a drop of a hat, on a whim when it suddenly urges you, and through new apps online every day with new potentials lining up for the position, the spot of being chosen and being serenaded in more ways than one, and it’s simply a click away.


Escort vs Sugar Baby.

What is an escort then? The more technical, advanced definition can be found here, but going by other names such as call-girl or sex workers, these types of ladies and their services are not public display, no, they are made via appointments and are led to make others believe they are more exclusive.

A Sugar Baby on the other hand, unlike an escort, is more of a business transacting ‘relationship’ where Call-girls are usually a one-night affair, a sugar baby tends to offer their services in return for monetary payments or gifts and it is an ongoing arrangement, suited for traveling businessmen and the likes.


Why Do Men Pay for Sex?

  • Higher sex drive. Although this is not to say women don’t have high sex drives, because we do, with all the hormones and testosterone flying around, they tend to get the urge more often.
  • Being in a committed or long-term relationship can make some men feel like they are being strangled and can’t get out, so this is a sensation they feel when paying, they have the freedom to what they want when they want.
  • A man doesn’t feel like he needs to please or even perform for someone he is paying, he won’t feel anxious and so can get on with it without worrying whether he will be able to keep his erection, like with a partner.
  • Just sex. Sometimes a quickie or a session without all the talking and feelings is what is needed, and thus they feel they can get this by paying for it as they make the rules, read this article for experience stories told by these men.


Where to Find these Sites?

There are apps and websites you can search and visit, some more recommended than others no doubt, but it also depends on what you’re looking for, experiences, age demographics and the inevitable cost involved, because it is going to cost you that’s for sure.

The sites themselves on the surface look pretty similar, flashing video clips, woman wearing nothing, or what used to be an outfit, and saying they can make your dreams come true and you will have the experience of a lifetime blah blah blah, but what to look out for which is sneaky, is that the price tags are either in the worlds’ smallest print or not even advertised?

This is where you get sucked in and get taken for a hefty stack of cash. Now they aren’t all this way inclined, but make sure you know what you’re paying for. Businesses like Slixa have the best models on the top page looking all glam and ready to go, but seem to have left a few details out, we know sex sells, so research your sex before committing.


Why Women Sell their sex?

I wonder this and always wish to ask them, but then these are not exactly the circle I’m running in thankfully, and I say that because I feel sad for these women, what could be so bad that you would be ok with having to go down this route?

Certain women love sex and that’s fine, you do your thing, others are trapped in a mountain of debt and this is a quick fix, and then some get a thrill out of being someone new every time and get to live a different fantasy with each session, so the reasons are far and many.


Whether you’re the man or woman in this situation, practice safe sex, research your agency and be sure that if you’re going to do it, you blow their dam jocks off.

2 thoughts on “Slixa and What it is About

  1. I’m not entirely sure why your opinion of sex workers is required for this article. Regardless, it’s far behind the times.
    When you say you don’t have any sex workers in your circle, thankfully, too which I must say I’m pretty sure they are far more thankful to not have your judgemental self within their circles. And secondly, maybe you do have a sex worker in your friends, but they just don’t talk about.
    I work at the Penrith Oh Zone store and know I speak on behalf of all my co-workers, that none of us hold an opinion like that expressed in this article.

  2. This is such an attractive article on the slixa and what it is about.This is one of the best write up. You will get all the information about the topic in this article. I am sure many people will come to read this in future and will gain a lot out of it.

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