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There are few things, in my opinion, that are better than the kiss of leather against your skin. That might not be everyone’s opinion and I am ok with that. Throughout my years and my explorations I have come across a great deal of toys and implements that I have had the pleasure of being acquainted with.


One of the classics would have to be The Riders Crop. An elegant decorative piece it is sensual as it is deadly. The downside to these elegant creatures-they occasionally break during hard scenes.


Enter Sex and Mischief’s Enchanted Crop.




Well my darling friends, its delectable  burgundy shaft is made from carbon fiber and perfect for bdsm play australia. Almost guaranteed to withstand even the most torturous of thrashings. The pur length of it is heaven as it slashes down through the air with an audible hiss. Even blindfolded you can tell when this bad boy is coming for you. And if you weren’t holding your breath before, with enough force, you will once the blackened tip reaches for you.


The shaft flexes beautifully upon impact, creating the perfect amount of tang and give to each stroke.


But let us not forget the sensuality this beauty will grace you. That blackened tip that can leave such a mark against the flesh also gentle caresses as gentle as a feather and soft enough to elicit gooseflesh and make promise of things yet to come.


It teases.


It builds


Hit softly.


Drag it tantalisingly.


Use it brashly.


This crop has been rigorously tested and has yet to show any bend, any fall,  or any sign that it will indeed break, snap or wish to be defeated by any surface it is tested against, with any surmountable test of strength.


Did I mention the marks? For my fellow lovers of bruises, marks and souvenirs. You will not be disappointed.


At your service,


Oh Zone Adult Stores Sales Assistant, Educator and Souvenir Accumulator.

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