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The progression of Adult stores (in my opinion)

I can remember my very first experience entering and Adult store in the 90’s, back then it was referred to as a Sex Shop or Porn shop, and let me tell you, it was definitely different.
Normally situated in some back ally in a dingy part of town, the store was almost always dark and dingy with simmal staff who could no care why you were in the store,
The products available were nothing like what we have today, very little imagination or thought went into the production of these “toys” and the material used was mostly a non-body safe material.
Oh how we have grown in this industry, now stores are widely available and for the most part a lot more pride is taken in the appearance of the stores and its staff, as well as a more boutique feel to the smaller stores. There are also a lot more of the “warehouse” style bigger shops available, where the space is occupied with a great range of toys for just about anyone to peruse and surely find the toy that excites them.
These stores are well lit, with a layout that makes browsing and shopping a great experience for all. It makes no difference if you are alone, a couple or a group out for a look.
The staff are well educated (for the most part) on all the products they stock, as well as the future of toys. The quality of product has vastly improved with a much wider variety available as well as the inclusion of wifi enabled and APP driven products, with most of these items having a warranty of some sorts.
Online shopping has had a huge impact on this industry as well, with most of the bigger companies out there shipping to all corners of the world, with great explanations and descriptions of the available products that make shopping online just as exciting as actually visiting a store.
Walking into any of the Oh Zone or Adultsmart shops (located in Caringbah, Kogarah and Penrith) is an experience like no other, the staff are friendly, educated and always ready with a wealth of knowledge and experience to make shopping easy and fun. All the sites are incredibly clean, well stocked with an array of items for everyone, well lit and branded for the ones that are not completely sure what they are after. With the availability of just about every brand on the market, you will not leave disappointed or empty handed.
So, in summary, the whole Adult Shop experience as a whole, has greatly improved from leaving you feeling a bit dirty and nasty to having your eyes opened to a whole new world that you didn’t know existed, its clean, exciting, bright and overall just a wonderful experience.
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