We bit the apple and went into the Adult Store in Penrith!

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My partner and I have been together for over 7 years. Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that I have been all for sex toys. We went into a shop together once around 4 years ago and the guy tried selling us a vibrator that was bigger than me. Immediately, my guard went up and I have been disinterested in getting toys since. For some reason, In my head I think that if my partner has toys, would she really need me? It’s like all these robots taking jobs but that’s another story. Our sex life has become a little boring and repetitive now and we are kind of over doing the same 3 positions with the occasional shower quickie. I can tell she is faking orgasms more and I don’t want to be in the same sexual position we are in, in a year or even 10 years time.  Sex is supposed to be fun.


I approached Jeannette with the issue that I was having and expressed that I am finding sex really repetitive and I believe it is partially my fault. She was super supportive and re-assured me that I was a Greek Sex God that has been a blessing to her naked body for the last 7 years (I was not shocked by this claim). We agreed that we were going to go into a store together and I was going to be accepting and open minded. I said on the condition that the toy is 3 inches long in length, anything bigger than that and I will really start to question my manhood (Kidding, but I did say nothing bigger than 8 inches). There is an adult store on High Street in Penrith called Oh!Zone that I went to 2 christmases ago for a ChrisKringle gift. The staff were friendly and from what I remember it was really clean and well stocked. Date night was set. Dinner was booked. 2 Cocktails on arrival. Bada Bing, Bada Boom!


Dinner finishes, we are both a little tipsy and extremely horny. I knew I had to get out of the thought processes of the 3 positions we are normally used too, so we stumbled into the store but with some grace, not sloppy or anything. From the minute we stepped in, I just knew we came to the right place. The lady behind the counter immediately greeted us and for some reason I blurted out that we are looking for sex toys and we havent had any before and they can’t bigger then 8 inches. Can I just say that this woman’s attention to detail was on point. She made me feel like I have just entered a realm of euphoric sexual discovery. The shores for my sexual conquest with my girlfriend were for the taking. In my mind, the movie scene in ‘Troy’ were Brad Pitt screams out “SEXUALITY, TAKE IT, IT’S YOURS” or something like that, kept replaying in my head. She noticed I was a little iffy about toys and explained that if anything they make my life easier because when I’m tired one night, the toy can get my partner off but she also reiterated that a woman will still always need male affection, touch and attention when it’s time to have sex. She said that toys don’t remove me, they heighten my ability to sexually pleasure my partner. It was like Batman getting his outfit. I felt empowered.


The lady at the store began to take us around the store and showing us the various different sections and funny enough would throw in a “this is under 8 inches” every time we would say we like the look of a toy. She let us browse for a bit and we picked up a few things that stood out to us and looked interesting. There was a toy brand called Adam & Eve that was popping up in every section so I picked one up and took it to the counter and asked what her thoughts were. She said she loved the brand and it’s got some great products. We ended up getting Eve’s Rechargeable Thrusting Rabbit, we loved it at first glance because it was a funky colour and secondly it had such a strong vibration and would actually thrust internally. The lady told us it was like a much deeper pleasure then what a normal vibrator is. She showed us another product called Eve’s Perfect Pulsating Massager which was not normal at all. Instead of vibrating, this toy pulsates so it pretty much thrusts inside of you. Not going to lie but I did get a little twitchy but then I remembered what she said about enhancing my girlfriends pleasure, so I said we’ll take that one too. Now these two toys were great for me to use on her, but the lady said that most women get more stimulation out of clitoral play, so she showed us a really good Rechargeable bullet by Adam & Eve also called Blue Diamond. She said it’s great to hold onto the clitoris while we are having sex and also to put on my testies when she is going down on me….. BINGO! We ended up getting some fluffy cuffs, some Salted Caramel lubricant I think by Wicked and a thicker lubricant also by Wicked. From being petrified of walking into the store, to me pretty much saying “See you next week!”.

What I learnt from our little escapade was that the right experience can really change your perspective on things. Our sex life has never been the same, we are having sex more frequently and differently. It’s not the same repetitive sex. I am so so thankful for the lady that helped us that day, because of her both me and my partner are more happy in our relationship.


There is a saying that your “Sex life is like glue for your relationship”. I can confirm this saying and must say that ever since we choose to go down the path of getting toys and being sexually adventurous, our relationship has gotten so much stronger.

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