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We-Vibe is well known for their incredibly innovative couples toys that take long distance play to the next level. The brand has recently released the Wand which, similar to the majority of We-Vibes toys is equipped to connect to the brands app We-Connect. The Wand also has smart silence, a first for this brand and a first for wands in general, allowing for what is a typically noisy toy to become noiseless. If you’ve never owned a wand before then you probably don’t know how loud this type of toy can get, just imagine the buzzers you get at some food places to tell you when your food is ready, and imagine bringing that out when you’re either trying to make absolutely no noise or just into the bedroom in general, it really just isn’t the most pleasant experience, hence this Wand being such a big step in the right direction.

Another thing that the Wand by We-Vibe can do that nearly no other full sized wand can, is be submerged in water, with silicone covering the entirety of the wand it is made to be used both in the bed or the bath.

With a solid majority of wands, attachments are made available by the associated brands to purchase separately, the Wand by We-Vibe comes with attachments as well as the ability to be used with any standard attachment you already own or fancy buying. The 2 attachments included are both a smooth body safe silicone similar to the wand itself, and are designed to loop around the head of the wand and stay in position by aligning the design on the inside of the loop with the indentation on the head of the wand.

Of the 2 attachments 1 is designed to be used clitorally and the other is to be used as a masturbator, but the shapes of the attachments themselves combined with the soft silicone material allows for anyone’s genitals to be catered to and for this toy to be used by any couple no matter their orientation.
The wand has extremely simple controls that anyone can easily master, the toy has a power button, function button and a toggle for control of intensity, this means that on any function you can have whichever intensity level you prefer and all movements between intensity levels are completely seamless so you can pinpoint and yours and your partners’ perfect vibrations.
You can also decide when you want smart silence, to turn this option on and off all you need to do is hold the function button down for 5 seconds.
If the 10 vibration patterns aren’t to your liking you can also create your own patterns or control the vibration in real time with We-Vibes app We-Connect, available for both IOS and android devices. The app allows for the toy to be controlled in any way you desire, and by whoever you desire from anywhere in the world, revolutionising long distance play.

As with all We-Vibe products the Wand is completely rechargeable and takes between 90 minutes to 2 hours to reach a full charge depending on the toys’ existing level of charge, with a full charge the wand can run 3-4 hours non-stop depending on the power setting(s) being used, in addition to this by enabling smart silence the toys’ run time is extended even further.

In contrast to many wands the Wand by We-Vibe does not have a straight body and instead has one curved to allow easier handling and more discreet use, the handle allows for the toy to be used on oneself without any poor angling and allows for the toy to be used in a non-sexual manner as a general massager with real ease.


Now, with all the aforementioned positives and perks of this toy there are of course a few negatives. The largest for me personally is the colour of the attachments, for what reason did We-Vibe decide that their deep purple toy needed bright turquoise attachments, because I cannot fathom a real explanation for this design choice. I had similar issues in regards to the Le Wand wands, each size comes with 2 colours and the attachments only come in 1, but at least the attachments coordinate with 1 wand fully and look reasonably okay on the other.

In comparison the attachments of We-Vibes Wand completely juxtapose the wand itself and makes the ensemble become 10x less enticing than it really is.  A perfect toy to get from your local adult shop.


In conclusion, the Wand by We-Vibe is an overall fantastic product. It’s been designed to accommodate the needs of anyone no matter their orientation or the orientation of their partner and is easily usable by anyone during any play session or time alone.

Contributed by Madi an Oh Zone Consultant!

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