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Here at OhZone! Caringbah we stock a few different types of app controllable toys, and we’re about to bring in a few more. The brand Lovense has been around since 2010, and within the past decade they’ve done nothing but improve. Their products are extremely versatile in their controllability, all toys within Lovense’s current range are 100% app and PC controllable, meaning they can be controlled by you or your partner no matter the distance between you or the device you use, and unlike the majority of other app controllable toys these have been designed with online sex workers needs and preferences as a priority. Plus they all come with a minimum 12 month warranty.




Lovense brings camming to the next level, having created and patented their tip-based vibrations, your viewers can be given a more immersive experience and you can be in complete control of how this is done. Lovense have designed all of their currently available toys to be compatible with their Cam Model Extension so no matter which one, or ones, you own you will be able to use it during a camming session.

There are a few important key aspects of Lovenses’ camming capabilities that make them as well known and heavily used in the camming world as they are. First and foremost, their patented tip-based vibrations, not only is this feature 100% customisable but it’s also compatible with over 20 different camming sites, including some that specialise in fetishes. With this tech you’re able to have your toys react in real time with tips that your viewers give you, and you’re able to control how your toy, or toys, reacts to these tips. You can connect as many toys as you want to this feature, and customise the toys’ reactions independently of each other. There are even auto-notification options of which you can personalise, and auto-replies that you can program to suit your own needs.
During a camming session you are also able to give viewers live control and even have virtual sex with them via the toys’ syncing abilities or by pre-recording a video while using a Lovense toy and sharing this video to them.

Lovense also provides their users with the ability to set up personalised games, use splitcamming and create sound based vibrations, to enhance the camming experience for both you and the viewer.


The Software


The App

So overall the Lovense Remote app can work in a few different ways, and as far as we can tell it’s one of the most versatile remote apps available for adult toys. You can control all Lovense toys via the app/PC download at any distance, making them perfect for long distance relationships or those that have incompatible schedules. If you’re aiming to control your Lovense toy from a distance further than 10-30ft you’re going to have to connect the toy to a device within this range and then control the toy through wifi, rather than bluetooth, but Lovense makes this simple and very safe for its users, going as far as to allow people to block those who they no longer want to be connected to them via Lovense. Within the app itself you have a variety of options for controlling your Lovense products, most of which are available for both close range and long distance control, although a few are specific to one or the other.
For close range control you have the options of;

  1. Tap and Slide

  2. Traditional Slider

  3. Make your own patterns and choose what is loaded on the toy

    1. Up to 10 at a time

    2. Can send patterns to others

  4. Sync to Music

  5. Sound Activated

  6. Ninja Mode

    1. Control the toy discrete using a widget on your phone to flip through patterns without opening the app


For long distance control you have the options of;


  1. Long distance control & text/video chat

  2. Sync to other Lovense toys (Max/Max 2 & Nora)

  3. Tap and Slide

  4. Traditional Slider

  5. Make your own patterns and choose what is loaded on the toy

    1. Up to 10 at a time

    2. Can send patterns to others

  6. Sync to Music

  7. Sound Activated



Besides the app, that’s available on both mobile and PC devices, Lovense has also released a media player for PC use only. That allows for the user to connect their toy to any locally stored 2D or 3D video, as it supports VR, and create custom patterns in relation to the video, so you can sync your toy to whatever the actor/actress/model is doing on screen. This makes the mediaplayer ultra customisable, but ultimately very tedious during the setup process and long-winded as you’ll have to go through the video you want to watch before hand and assign your toy a function for every second of this video, but you can also download patterns that others have created and even share the patterns you have created with others as well, so you should be able to find a few videos with patterns already synced.



The Negatives


Okay so as superb as Lovense’s current line of toys are, not all of the official marketing for these toys are just as great. While researching their products I noticed something super unprofessional on all of their toy descriptions, they are constantly shitting on their competitors, and I don’t mean that they’re so great that they just have to present us with the facts and the competition is just blown out of the water. No. They’ve made these ridiculous comparative tables using criteria that they can’t test half the time and are primarily just comparing themselves to toys within a way lower price demographic to begin with, when they show us the “competitors”, and through most of their site they just don’t. Overall, they just don’t present us with many facts, which is such a shame because these are great products, and they could probably prove the point they’re so obviously trying to make using just facts.

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