Everything You Need to Know Before You Try Pegging for First Time

Why Not Try Pegging which is traditionally defined as penetrating the anus of someone who was born male with a strap-on. While this act has existed for many years, the term wasn’t coined until a contest hosted by Dan Savage in 2001. He asked viewers to come up with a term for the act. Apart from pegging, they suggested pegger, soft peg, hard peg, peg-ache, peggable, and so on. [...]  Read More

Zachs Guide To Sex Positions

Zachs Guide To Sex positions for the beginner.   Sometimes its hard to think of the right sex positions to hit the G-spot and give your partner the big O that they deserve. So here are some good ones to start with! All of these positions work best after foreplay. As foreplay making the g-spot to swell up with blood making it more sensitive and easier to hit [...]  Read More

What Factors Affect The Penis Size?

In the world we live in today, penis size is said to determine the masculinity of a man. Little wonder the greater number of men now crave a bigger and well-sized genital organ. The natural growth cycle of the penis starts at age 10-14 during puberty and ends at age 20 when the maximum penis size of a man is achieved. This is when most men become satisfied with their enormously sized organs, and others with a smaller size begin to desire a larger one. [...]  Read More

The coolest new sexual toys you’ll enjoy for sure

A surge in new sexual toys with intelligent technology has made it easier to supercharge your orgasm even if you’re mostly satisfied with your sex life. With a wide variety of speeds, sizes, and settings available to traditional devices, having fun in the bedroom is no longer frowned upon. Those who promote sex-positive relationships are in fact encouraging a new generation of optimistic lovers. [...]  Read More

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