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Mazophilia also known as breast fetishism, is a highly atypical sexual interest in the female bosom. It is an exceptional love of the female breast —from its look to its feel on the hand, in the mouth, or on the body.

The female breast has always been one of the most coveted parts of the female body. The boobs are like a mating signal to some individuals. It is the most beloved and admired part of the woman’s body. The social value placed on the boobs of a woman as a part of what makes her very sexy or attractive to men is very high. For people with breast fetish, it is essential for sexual fulfillment. Without good play with the breasts during sexual activity, they will be sexually unfulfilled.

The feel of a woman’s warm breast is everything to some people, the softness of it on the palm or the nipple’s response indicating the level of arousal of a woman can be more fulfilling to some individuals than having sexual intercourse.


Although people with mazophilia have an infinite love for the woman’s bosom, they also have preferences for its size or shape. Not all boob lovers have a thing for the D cups. Some love a lemon-sized breast as much as others love a double D. There are various ways to explore as a breast lover when using an escort.

As earlier stated, breast lovers have personal preferences. Hence, the first thing would be to choose an escort girl with the right size of breasts for you. And then you can follow these tips.


Contact An Escort 

Contact an escort via a professional service provider. It is usually advisable to go for escort services with a reputation as this assures that you are getting your money’s worth in pleasure. Service providers like Naughty Ads offer privacy, professionalism, and fulfillment. What’s more, is that they have escorts in Sydney and surrounding cities. These escorts are open to experiences and can come up with amazing ideas to explore with you but also ensure your satisfaction with their services.

Choose The Escort Perfect For You

Choosing the perfect escort for you is essential, even when just exploring. Go for the set of boobs that scream to you. Choosing randomly like a person at a casino would be a terrible idea, especially if you have a preference. Your model should be your choice, be specific.

Communicate Your Desires

Be straightforward when you are talking to an escort. Professional escorts look forward to helping you fulfill your desires, but that won’t be done without communication. Communication would be the only way to achieve this. Explain clearly what you look forward to during your time together. Use your words and let her understand what you mean and how much you mean it.

Keep An Open Mind

When exploring with an escort, keeping an open mind is necessary. This is another key to unlocking new experiences. Letting her take charge or lead you into a new world might be everything you hope for and more. You can watch as she slowly caresses herself, every nook and cranny of her plump flesh. Watch as she traces her nipples and blows hot breath from her lips onto her areola, calling it to life and making it stand firm at attention as it is ready to take your orders.

Bring Your Fantasies Into Play

Everything you have once imagined doing with the female breasts can be fulfilled. Professional escorts are open to suggestions. Hence, being shy should not be a thing that should be at play when you are with an escort, especially if you would love to live your fantasies. Fantasies are not meant to only live in the head or mind; they are meant to be lived.

The idea of watching an escort play with her boobs while you masturbate hits differently. It is a way of eating your cake and having it too. You can see your favorite body part in the world, and have it play in your head as you ride yourself on a journey of bliss.


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