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Do you have erection problems?  Perhaps hypnotherapy for Erectile Dysfunction may be for you!

Hypnotherapy (also called hypnosis) is a state of deep relaxation where the mind is extremely focused on concentrating to remove bad habits or addictions from the patient’s life. It is performed by trained hypnotherapists who rely on verbal cues, mental imagery, and repetition to make the mind enter this relaxation which can make the body ignore ordinary distractions, which results in the patient being more open to suggestions, making significant changes in the routines and succeeding in building healthy habits and valuable techniques to get rid of many health conditions.

One of these health conditions might be Erectile Dysfunction, which generally targets a lot of men at certain points in their lives. This is a serious condition because not only causes frustration and shame, but also a lot of anxiety and fear. But there is nothing to worry about, the next article will cover how hypnotherapy proves to be an effective treatment for this troublesome condition.


In the case that the patient suffers from psychological Erectile Dysfunction, then hypnotherapy might be a great bet. If an erection is obtained after waking up or while dreaming, but not while it matters or it is needed, then there is a great chance that hypnotherapy can help to surpass this issue. Thanks to the nature of the treatment, it is possible to take different approaches, making the hypnotherapist arrive at a solution in record time.


There is a decent range of multiple cognitive and psychological techniques that can be employed by the hypnotherapist in order to make the patient surpass Erectile Dysfunction, these are:


This kind of approach is used along with systematic desensitization to obtain better and faster results. The reason why this type of hypnosis is excellent for Erectile Dysfunction is the fact that it aims to refocus the body’s incapacity of having an erection into something else. In return, the patient can adjust all internal thought processes and view sex in a more empowering and beneficial way, making the mind believe that sex is meant to be both pleasurable and comfortable, not frustrating.

Thanks to the cognitive approach it is possible to make the patient lose his fear of sex as the mind will guide the body to enjoy sex again, furthermore, stimulating the required processes to gain an erection at the wanted moment.


An excellent approach for patients who have a history of stuffing from a lot of stressful situations or general stress in their daily routines. The way it works is kind of simple, first, the hypnotherapist will guide the patient through anxiety-provoking situations with the usage of mental imagery, but this situation will be handled effectively as the mind will be focused on building a calm, hypnotized state. Learning how to deal with these situations will make the patient discover tools and techniques that will aid him to approach sex with more confidence and transform all frustration and fear into energy that can disrupt any Erectile Dysfunction symptom.


While it might be true that this method is considered a long-term therapy, it involves a deep exploration of relationships of the past and present, which makes the patient learn more about the way that love is experienced and how sexuality could be shifting his thoughts into unwanted beliefs and fear related to sex, causing certain symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction. Thanks to this approach, it will be possible to target what is wrong with the patient while relieving stress that has been locked for years.


Knowing every possible detail about the previously explained approaches might not be enough to convince someone to discard other common methods for hypnotherapy. That is while discovering how exactly things are done is important, as this will give a boost of confidence and determination to the patient.

First of all, hypnotherapy works so well with physiological Erectile Dysfunction because it targets the brain, which plays a big role in the multiple physiological reactions that create an erection. If the sexual excitement is blocked by “evil” (stressful, depressive, or anxious) thoughts, then the patient is suffering from a mental block. Hypnotherapy creates multiple relaxation techniques that help a lot while building focus and disrupting all of these mental blocks, and as a result of that, restoring confidence, self-esteem and erections will be possible.


Author Valerie Davis Hypnotherapist

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