8 Steps to Create Custom Video Face Filters

Custom Video Face Filters Guide

Custom Video Face filters are a modern tool that can be used to improve video quality. You can find them when you install free or paid programs. You can use banuba face filters by following the instructions. Accurate advice is given on how to change the appearance taking into account the audience.  [...]  Read More

How To Bring in the New Year With a *Bang*

The end of 2020 is fast approaching, to the relief of many people, this year has dragged on forever and also somehow flown by. Either way, we’re all super happy to be leaving it behind and moving forward into a new year and having the chance to restart, reset, and have a better year. [...]  Read More

How I kept sex with my girlfriend alive… while I was half way around the world

So I kind of decided to move halfway around the world to New York to pursue my career in Media for a year. It was one of my dreams to always live and work in New York City so there was no way I was turning it down. There was one issue. Bianca and I have been together for 3 years, she is definitely the love of my life and can confirm she is the so called “One”. The dilemma was that Bianca owns her own business which she needs to physically be there for. It’s not the pick up and go type and you can run it sitting on a beach in the Bahamas. For as long as we have been dating, she always new my dream was in New York. She knew that it would mean the world to me and if I was to ever get that opportunity, I would take it in a heartbeat. We sat down and had a discussion. To my surprise, she was so cool and calm about it. She said that, she will fly over and have a snowy Christmas in New York and spend New Years with me and also she’ll come across for the 4th July independence day for 2 weeks. The discussion of sex and needs came up. It came through a joke that she made, saying “You better not think about getting yourself a little ghetto queen over there”, I couldn’t stop laughing because little did she know that I decided that if we make it through this year apart, I’m getting on one knee in the middle of Time Square on New Years when she is over here. [...]  Read More

Slixa and What it is About

Oh, the days of good old hormones racing, the pulse at 100 beats a second and bedsheets crumpled in every position possible, a window open with a sheer curtain blowing softly as you recover from your marathon of pleasure and have been left in a pile of dripping sweat and heavy panting. [...]  Read More