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We can’t all have amazing walk in wardrobes allocated just for our adult toy collections. When it comes to organising and storing our toys and collections we want to ensure that what we do and how we keep them is clean, presentable and well organised.


To start with, let’s go through some basic toy hygiene etiquette.


Most toys should be kept separate from others. Higher grade silicone toys will be better off if they are touching, but toys of lower grade material may fuse together over time which is why it is important to keep toys separated when storing them.



Always wash toys after each use! Regardless if they are glass, etal, silicone or crystal. Wash wash wash. Use an antibacterial, ph balanced cleaner and water and ensure that toys air dry to ensure that no debris is left on the toy that may get transferred onto or into your body. We recommend Intimate Earth Green Toy Cleaner.



Remove batteries after each use. If you have toys that utilise batteries, take them out after you have played. This protects your toy from potential damage from corrosion and also ensures that you clean out the grooves where the batteries are inserted. Never submerge a battery operated toy in water to protect its longevity.



Make sure that you are using the correct lubricants with your toys. Any silicone toys should not be used with silicone lubricant. Only use water based lubricant with silicone toys. I will type it again for the people in the back ONLY WATER BASED FOR SILICONE TOYS. using silicone lubricant on silicone will degrade the silicone which then in turn will end with bits of silicone flaking off your toy into or onto you and your toys. Mmmm, not a nice thought right?

Glass and metal toys due to their 100% non porous material can be used with any sort of lubricant.


For our Fantaflesh, Silaflesh or “realistic feel” materials that feel silky and are designed to feel more like real skin, these are high porous so it is very important to ensure that you thoroughly wahs them, dry them, and use a renewing power on them (once they are very very thoroughly dry to avoid a goopy mess) to maintain that silky realistic feel.



Ensure that your ropes are well conditioned and tight on a regular basis. For natural bdsm rope, make sure that you obtain wax or oil  that is safe to use with the type of rope that you have and run the product through your hand and rope, up and down the lengths. Singe or defluff any scruffy bits (the rope will look thinner, but these fluffy pieces are no good for the longevity or aesthetic of the rope). Twist the rope to ensure that it maintains its tightness. I find this is best done in front of a good TV show, but I do also know great masters and students of Shibari who take this time to meditate their craft and get to know their instruments better.



Wash all lingerie in a delicates bag, using delicate wash and hang in the shade out of harsh elements to ensure that it maintains shape and colour and texture. We recommend Fetish Delicates wash. If you can, avoid the use of pegs and dry on a rack lying down with plenty of airflow. Spray and condition your latex with Pjur cult to maintain shine and longevity.



For all your leather toys, clean and condition frequently and keep them out of direct sunlight to avoid cracks over time. A helpful and important reminder to use alcohol disinfectant to clean any instrument used during any form of blood play immediately after “aftercare” has been given to ensure bacteria is eradicated and safety of the equipment is maintained. Toys and implements that are used for any form of Fluid sharing should be kept separate and specific to that play partner.



A wonderful idea with any sheets or bed linens used during play with multiple play partners, blood play, wax, oils, scat or golden showers is to wash them with antibacterial wash such as canesten or dettol laundry




This is something all of those Netflix shows do not show you- The Adult section. Don’t you want to open up your wardrobe and see all of your vibrators colour coordinated and stacked beautifully? Or your lingerie hung beautifully? Your whips and chains lined up with practicality in mind? I Love Marie Kondo-But I’m not sure she was thinking this when she wrote and filmed “sparking joy”


Don’t just throw your vibrators in your side table. Just. please.


Everything goes into that drawer. Brush. Lip balm. Condoms. Moisturisers. Crumbs. Used tissues. It’s havoc. Its not a sanitary place to simply throw a most precious play partner into like chopped liver. Here are some nifty tricks, tips and investments to buy for storage solutions from the simple small collection up to the not so small. From discreet, to show the world and in between, and hopefully you can find something that will suit your purpose.


Drawer organisers:

I never said don’t utilise the side table. A bullet, small wand or favorite lubricant should be easily accessible, but it’s very important to keep your toy separate from everything else, so having a drawer organiser is imperative. Try Kmart or bunnings. For those who need to charge them on the downlow this is also a great idea. Create a small hole in the back to thread your charging cable through and presto-an incognito charging station. I like this method regardless to avoid my toys getting dusty whilst charging.


Use drawer organisers in a few spare drawers in your wardrobe or bathroom to store lubricants, and toys. Place them in sft drawstring bags to store more than one in each compartment.


Drawer organisers will also ensure that your lingerie will keep its shape and all sets stay together so that you aren’t hunting for that missing piece last minute.


Pencil cases.

Use small pencil cases to keep toys separate, hygienic and discreet, who looks at other peoples pencil cases? This also gives you freedom to be as creative and as colourful in your design in how you categorise and keep your toys.


Tubs and Boxes. 

Under the bed boxes and dividers are nifty little accessories to keep all of your collection safe, dust and hassle free whilst maintaining its ease of accessibility for playtime.



Bunnings offer wonders when it comes to stacks of drawers (often used more for tools….but these are somewhat tools right?) Officeworks also has stackable drawers with clear fronts so that you can see what is inside, or if it tickles your fancy, labelling.


Coat hangers:

Lingerie, collars and restraints can be hung on coat hangers and kept in the wardrobe in your room. Need a little more privacy? I’ve thought of that too. Use a suit or dress bag to keep your toys well hidden, keeps them dust free, and free from prying eyes.



Ottomans are wonderful and cosy additions for the bedroom or playroom and very convenient for those larger items that might not fit as easily in small tubs such as your paddles and floggers.


Feeling more adventurous? Display your kink gear on the walls. Turn your beautiful paddles and riding crops into a display in your bedroom or living area. It can be passed off as art, or your friends and family might be well aware of your amazing collection.


We hope that this has helped you with storing your amazing collections.


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