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Are you male and prone to giving yourself a hand now and then in order to evacuate those bothersome milky white juices? Do you like to jerk off your sorrows, splatter them on the walls and wet the soil with them?


If so, you are not alone. Lots of men like to self-please. There’s no shame to it.


But what if there was a much better way to wank and enter the sweet gates of orgasm. Sex toys for men make this possible.


Sex toys for men make rad fun much more accessible to the menfolk. They do away with the sweaty labor that manual masturbation so often involves and make the whole thing easy, and smooth. Some of them are very discreet and can be used in different environments like adult chat rooms or sex cam sites.


Sex toys for men make a lot of sense. They essentially make it possible for you to fully explore your body and find out what each intimate part does and how it functions best. These toys can be also employed for training purposes.


Then there are sex toys that make it possible for you to delay your orgasm till the orange shoot in your back garden grows and start bearing fruit! Some sex toys even promise and deliver multiple orgasms per session. What could be more rad than that!


Given the multiple benefits of sex toys for men, we rightly feel that any man without a shelf filled with these sexy instruments should get taken out and shot. With a water pistol full of fresh snot of course!


Toying With The Hard Life!


Now, sex toys for men come in different varieties. Some simulate the female genitalia, others clamp tight to the penis and give it a sucking to remember.


Then there are sex toys that belong in the ass. These end up within kissing distance of the prostate. Such sex toys do their magic by persuading the prostrate organ to fire out orgasm after orgasm.


Popular sex toys include fleshlights, prostate massagers, male masturbators, and cock rings. There are also ball spreaders, penis enhancers, sex dolls, penis sleeves and a few more obscure ones that have escaped our attention.


The large variety of male sex toys make it possible for you and any other male to sprinkle some sweet lightning on your sex life if you so choose. So, what is stopping you from ordering sex toys online and getting so naughty with them? Get going bud!


The Sex Is A Killer


Now, we come to the main meat of this article and that is sex toys for men. Or more precisely the best sex toys for men.


We must confess that there are a lot of sex toys out there of varying quality and effectiveness. Choosing from these is no easy matter, no less because we can’t function well while dehydrated after enthusiastically testing the products!


Still, if you are on the lookout for the most effective sex toys for men and want to check out what rad orgasms taste of, you would be well advised to pay attention as we list the best sex toys for men this side of heaven! The top 10 list is as follows in no particular order:


  1. Hands-Free Male Masturbator Cup


Are you just lazy or do you prefer a hands-free experience when doing the nasty? Then the Hands-free Male Masturbator Cup from BestVibe is just what the good doctor specified!


It makes it to this list by virtue of its very attractive design and USB charging capabilities. It is transparent, has a suction cup that does its job too well and boasts a 10-speed setting. Inside are protrusions that massage your organ and stimulate it to orgasmic perfection. It also comes with a suction cup that sticks to any clean surface.


You are merely required to attach the suction in any position and hold on for what is sure to be the ride of a lifetime! We are quite certain that you can use this sex toy to throw a party for your penis it will be crowing over for decades after! What a toy!


  1. 10 Frequencies Elastic Blowjob Vibrating Masturbator


For starters, this sex toy is well made. Sure it won’t be winning any beauty awards, but it does its job with all skill and vigor. It is quite easy to use and delivers enough potent suction on the member to mash it to a pulp!


To use, just slip in the D into the rather realistic and transparent pussy and hang on for your dear life. We like this sex toy because it is relatively cheap, quite potent and well able to empty the cum reservoirs of any male yet born! And did we mention it is waterproof and made of medical-grade silicone.


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  1. 4D Automatic Stroker Vibrating Male Masturbator Cup


Frankly, this sex toy for men looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. At least its inside does. It is small enough to be held in one hand and is notable for simultaneously sucking and milking. This can make you shoot your load before you are well and ready, so watch out!


It is USB rechargeable, waterproof and boasts a dozen vibration modes. We are favorably impressed with its power, structural quality, and low noise characteristics. The latter helps when we need to milk the dragon at our work desk without our editor being the wiser!


  1. Full Auto Airbag Thrusting Masturbator


This masturbator is just so good we felt compelled to ensure it makes it to this top 10 listing. There are just too many things to love about it and too many ways to have fun with it! For starters, it is quite small and would be easy to conceal in your pocket. You can just whip it out when no one is looking, insert the D and enter your piece of cum heaven!


It even moans and you can listen to this via headphones. Powerful, waterproof, and equipped with a realistic mouth that sucks your D as if getting paid for it, this is the sex toy to die for!


  1. Realistic Vagina And Ass Masturbator


Want an ass and vagina to bang till kingdom come? This sex toy has just what you need. We love that it has a TPE build for a very realistic look and feel. It is also soft and easy to clean. Just slot your organ of cumming destruction into either hole and pump away, while the whole thing vibrates like an overloaded freight train!


This toy is very easy to use and stress-free and that is part of why we are stocking up on it by the bucket load at the office.


  1. Thermostat Heating Rod


As you might know, there is no greater displeasure than putting your penis into a cold orifice. The Thermostat Heating Rod makes this a thing of the past. Just turn it on and stick it into the hole you mean to house your penis. It will then heat this till it is as comfy as you would like.


We like that this toy has a small form factor, is USB rechargeable, easy to use and control. Not to mention it is quite cheap. And that is why we are sure your penis will never forgive you if you don’t get one of these!


  1. Pussy Pocket Moaning Vibrator


This sex toy is just like having a pussy of your own! You can pull it out anytime and anywhere and have sex with the sexiest miniature pussy in existence! It boasts a TPE build, has an adjustable suction cup, as well as multiple thrusting patterns and vibrating speeds.


It can also moan like a horny female whose pussy is having a taste of its first BBC! Needless to say, this is not the kind of sex toy for men you use in public and at full volume! We like that this sex toy is so easy to use, small, well made and can moan to beat Cain.


  1. Lifelike Wet Pussy


Ever seen a real live wet pussy? No? Then you are just about to! This sex toy looks exactly like a wet pussy and we wouldn’t be surprised if the sight of it made you cum in your pants!


Designed by someone with a rad sense of humor and so soft and tight it should be outlawed, this sex toy plays for keeps! We like its size, its look, its simplicity and its assurance of cumming salvation!


  1. 4-Inch Silicone Penis Sleeve


Penis sleeves are not a new thing, not by a long shot. This one can fit even the biggest mandigos. It even functions as a condom. It extends the length of the penis, while stimulating any pussy it dives into. We love that it is very cheap, effective and is just the thing to teach an arrogant pussy a thing or two!


  1. Rotating Prostate Vibrator


Love prostate stimulation and want to send some Christmas vibes to that small pleasure-seeking walnut-sized organ? Then you are in luck! This rotating prostate vibrator does a nice job of massaging the prostate and persuading it of the importance of triggering orgasm after orgasm!


We like that this is curvy enough to function as a boomerang and is frightfully effective.




So, how many of the top 10 best sex toys for men listed above appealed to you? All of them, right? Don’t be shy, we know how freaky you love to be!


We don’t know about you but we are awfully thankful to be living in the 21st century. Sure, there’s global warming to worry about, but there are many benefits to living in the present age. Like being able to order sex toys online or even sell sex toys if you’re the enterpreneur type. The ordering process takes seconds and the cum produced is bound to wipe all worries from your mind!


Want to fully explore your body? Need to know how to massively and repeatedly orgasm without actually cumming or losing that gargantuan erection? Or just feel like getting all freaky? Well, sex toys make all that and more possible.


Should you be a cheapstake or don’t feel like buying a toy, you can always make your own sex toys.


Thank us later. We accept payment via cum bucket loads

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