Top Ways You Can Add a Zing to Your Sex Life

The very fact that you are reading this is proof that you no more search for casual sex on the best online dating sites and care for your partner. Clearly, you still possess the sexual desire for your significant other and want to rebuild your relationship. So why quench the fire that you still have and slowly let it cool? Give yourself a big hug, love your looks and put your sexy lingerie on to seduce your partner! [...]  Read More

Best Threesome Sex Positions That Fits Everyone’s Body

It looks like you are fortunate enough to score a second partner to play up the romance game. We understand the thrill and sensuality running in your body for having a perfect threesome, and that’s why looking for ideal positions to try on.   It is quite exciting to have a third person in a sex session for extreme level pleasure. This post will tell you about the best threesome sex positions that fit everyone’s body. Let’s have a look at all of these and try the ones you like the most. [...]  Read More

10 Best Sex Toys for Men

Are you male and prone to giving yourself a hand now and then in order to evacuate those bothersome milky white juices? Do you like to jerk off your sorrows, splatter them on the walls and wet the soil with them?  [...]  Read More

We-Vibe The Wand

We-Vibe is well known for their incredibly innovative couples toys that take long distance play to the next level. The brand has recently released the Wand which, similar to the majority of We-Vibes toys is equipped to connect to the brands app We-Connect. The Wand also has smart silence, a first for this brand and a first for wands in general, allowing for what is a typically noisy toy to become noiseless. If you’ve never owned a wand before then you probably don’t know how loud this type of toy can get, just imagine the buzzers you get at some food places to tell you when your food is ready, and imagine bringing that out when you’re either trying to make absolutely no noise or just into the bedroom in general, it really just isn’t the most pleasant experience, hence this Wand being such a big step in the right direction. [...]  Read More