10 Sexy Ways to Spice Up Physical Intimacy With Your Lover

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It’s absolutely common for couples who have been together for a long time to feel the excitement in their relationship fade. In every relationship, the time will come that both of you are over trying to impress each other. Moreover, lovers would likely fall into a consistent routine of predictable dates and dull sex nights.


Some even find themselves being less and less intimate with their partners because the sexual rush is gone, and lovemaking has suddenly become very monotonous. Even the couples who are head over heels for each other will discover that sexual desire and excitement will melt away over time. Thus, check out these various tips to bring back the sexual thrill in your relationship, in and out of the bedroom.

Blindfold Your Partner

The next time you’re in bed with your lover, try putting a blindfold over their eyes the entire time you’re having sex. Blindfolds are relatively easy to acquire. You can buy them at the store or even use alternatives like handkerchiefs. Being unable to see can help heighten your other senses, making every touch electrifying.

Break Out the Handcuffs

If you’re willing to have a go at something new, how about giving bondage a try? Strapping your lover to the bed might just awaken the hidden dominatrix in you and delightfully surprise you with an incredibly steamy bedroom session.


Alternately, you may even find that being entirely at your lover’s mercy turns you on. However, make sure to establish a safeword: a word that, once stated, signals the other to stop.

Create Sexy Secrets Together

Making secrets that only you and your partner know is an effective way to increase sexual chemistry. You can sneak away at a gathering to have a heavy make-out session or have a go at something risky like skinny dipping at the lake at night. When you do something a bit sexually risky together, the mutual adrenaline boost will help ignite you and your partner’s carnal cravings.

Give Each Other Massages

An intimate massage is a great way to try and get in sync with your partner while unwinding. It can also be an incredible pre-sex activity to make the moment feel more intimate. Moreover, this will help the person giving the massage to identify which spots arouses their partner. Meanwhile, the individual getting the massage can have the chance to become more sensitive to being touched.


Never underestimate the effect of sneaky lovemaking. In the event that your sex life is more like a dull sexual schedule rather than being spontaneous and heated, maybe it’s time to add some spice to your relationship.


Whether it is before breakfast, after a bath, or when doing dishes, take the first step and surprise your partner with a heavy make-out session followed by intense lovemaking. It doesn’t even matter whether you’re in the bedroom or other parts of the house.

Take It to a Mirror

Whenever things are getting steamy, murmur in your lover’s ear exactly how erotic they look—and suggest you show them a more provocative view. Usher them to the nearest mirror so that both of you can watch each other enjoy yourselves. You can also opt to position a mirror close to your bed, so you can look as you make love from various positions.

Take Time Undressing Each Other

Dressing up encourages you to feel more comfortable with your body. The fact that you’d still be naked later on doesn’t even matter. Choose an outfit that makes you feel confident and sexy. When the time comes that you need to take each other’s clothes off, take it as slow and sensually as you can.


Take off one garment at a time and make sure to stroke your partner’s skin in the process. Make it an erotic and steady experience. The time you take to take off your lover’s clothes will both give you an opportunity to get turned on and aroused.

Try a Couples’ Vibrator

Using a sex toy when making love can help heighten the arousal of both partners. It will also help keep the vibe going, even if one of you needs to catch their breath.


From penetrating, vibrating, to pulsing, try to explore various sex toys that you and your partner will like. Search for premium quality, gender-neutral, and body-safe toys. Check out www.bboutique.co and other online shops and browse great choices that you can use the next time you have sex.

Try Out New and Different Fetishes

It’s true that you can’t know your dirtiest fetishes until you’ve actually given them a try. Go wild and have fun with your lover as you explore each other’s bodies. Research on the most common fetishes and give them a go to see what arouses you and your partner.


Start with tame and basic fetishes, and remember not to go too wild when you’re just trying them out for the first time. Once you’ve gotten the easier fetishes out of the way, you can work your way to trying the dirtiest and most erotic fetishes. However, note that it is common to also discover things that do not arouse you. That’s okay, just don’t try it again and just move on to another fetish.


Exploring and trying out these interests is the best way to discover new things that arouse you as lovers. Thus, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zones, or else your sex life will inevitably become dull and repetitive.

Water Sex

Having sex while you’re in the water is a bit hard. However, if you decide to do it, it can be a memorable love-making experience. If you have access to a pool, invite your lover for a dip and surprise them by making it into a skinny dipping experience. If they take you up on the experience, make your move and turn it into a steamy love-making session! You don’t have a pool? No worries. You can always do it in your shower or tub!


Life can become dull if you only follow a never-ending routine. Your relationship with your lover can become boring as well when sex is simply a task to check off on the to-do list. Simple efforts and willingness to try from both sides will help keep your relationship hot and exciting. Ultimately, what matters most is that you and your lover are both eager to show your love for one another — both outside and in the bedroom.



Author’s Bio

Belinda is a 42-year-old married mother of three who lives in Naples, Florida. While staying at home to raise her children, she began to write articles and blogs for various outlets. She was raised in a strict, Christian home, but has since found more peace with a more spiritual approach to life and health. A strong believer in natural and alternative medicine, energy healing, and total wellness, she stumbled on the health benefits of the female orgasm quite by accident. Since then, she has often written pieces that help inform others about the benefits she discovered. Belinda also enjoys taking care of her home and family, and often jokes that she is a bit of a Stepford wife… with a wild side. In her free time, she loves to spend time at the beach with her family, host parties and BBQ’s, and work outside in one of her many flower gardens.

One thought on “10 Sexy Ways to Spice Up Physical Intimacy With Your Lover

  1. Pee sex is also a great way to spice things up. Yes the same old thing was getting boring and tired. Don’t get me wrong, the sex was great but she wanted it more than I did and that was for a reason. So it was not so boring the next time around as there was something to look forward to.
    One day is was in bed and she came home from her graveyard shift in the morning. I was asleep in bed where she woke me up for sex. I couldn’t just wake up and go for it so she said, ‘I’ll piss on you and then you’ll get up’. I replied ‘you wouldn’t’! She was never interested in this type of stuff and actuily thought it would annoy me.
    Well she crouched down over me and let go.

    It didn’t annoy me, it aroused me to no end and it was so so good. From then on, we played watersports quite a lot and it really increased our sexual activity.

    Tonsome it may sound dirty and disgusting. It’s actually sterile liquid and of cleaned up straight away, is fine.
    As they say, you never know if you dont try.

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