Foot fetish. What do you need to know?

Sexual attraction to the legs is one of the most common types of sexual fetishism, in which the object of attraction is not the genitals. Arousal can be caused by the appearance of the foot, touching it, the taste, smell of the skin of the foot and/or toes, the movement of the fingers. A common causative agent is the smell of feet, and the fetish is often combined with an increased interest in socks and shoes. The smell of feet causes intense sexual arousal in the fetishist, and sexual intercourse can be crucial in achieving an orgasm. Unfortunately, there is an erroneous definition of foot fetish as an attraction exclusively to women’s feet. Interest in men’s feet is no less common. [...]  Read More

10 Sexy Ways to Spice Up Physical Intimacy With Your Lover

It’s absolutely common for couples who have been together for a long time to feel the excitement in their relationship fade. In every relationship, the time will come that both of you are over trying to impress each other. Moreover, lovers would likely fall into a consistent routine of predictable dates and dull sex nights. [...]  Read More