4 Things You Should Know Before Buying Your First Sex Toy

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Have you decided to join the ranks of people who own a sex toy? That’s an excellent choice. Luckily, sex toys are no longer a taboo topic with 44 percent of women reporting they’ve used a toy in their lifetime and 23 percent of adults across the globe confirming the same.


Now that sex toys are hitting the mainstream, there’s a lot of variety and choice.


Obviously, that’s a good thing. At the same time, picking the one item that’s meant to satisfy you time and time again will not be easy.


If you’re trying to pick the best sex toy for the very first time, you’ll need to pay attention to a few essentials. Here are the most important things you need to know before spending your hard-earned cash on a brand new adult product.


Safety of Sex Toys

Before thinking about pleasure, you should definitely prioritize safety.


Sex toy safety is fairly ambiguous right now. There are no governmental regulations or specific requirements that manufacturers have to meet. As a result, anyone can slap the label “bodysafe” on their product and call it a day.


Bodysafe on its own doesn’t give you a ton of useful information.


To determine if a sex toy is safe, you need to assess the specific material that it is made of.


The safest materials on the market are non-porous. The absence of pores prevents the accumulation of dirt, dust and bacteria inside the material itself. Some of the optimal non-porous materials to explore include medical-grade silicone, glass, stainless steel and natural stone. Materials like jelly, rubber and thermoplastics are a lot more questionable.


Squishier and softer toys have to be treated chemically in order to become malleable. As a result, they could contain harmful chemicals (like phthalates) and they will also be porous more often than not. In addition, such squishy materials are more likely to disintegrate in fairly short periods of time, especially when compared to the high quality options mentioned above.


Usability and Versatility

Don’t be drawn to a toy just because it looks good, modern or futuristic. Think about your sexual needs. If you don’t know what you like, chances are that the selection of the right toy will become a challenging task. In the absence of awareness, you’ll end up with something that looks fancy but that’s not particularly usable.


The type of sex you want to have will be determining for the dimensions and the shape of the sex toy you’re going to buy.


If you want a toy for anal sex, for example, it should be smooth and narrow. A fairly big girth will be challenging for first-time users. Anyone interested in G-spot stimulation should seek out an anatomically-correct item that has a slight curve.


Doing a dildo size comparison and having a good idea about the versatility of different dimensions will help you pick correctly. Bigger is not always better when it comes to sex toys. In fact, a very big item that’s made of the wrong material or that has an overly textured surface could become painful and unpleasant to use.


Compatibility with Lube and Cleaning Products

Fun sex toy use should also be responsible sex toy use. And to make sure you’re being 100 percent responsible for your health, you’ll need to master the cleaning and maintenance of your sex toys.


Some items are easier to clean, store and use than others. Usually, the texture and the material will be determining.


When buying, check out the washing requirements. Some toys (especially those that aren’t waterproof and that are motorized) cannot be submerged in a cleaning solution. If you opt for such an item, the sanitization ritual would eventually become a real pain in the behind.


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Some toys have to be stored separately from your other products. Dildos made of cyberskin and other thermoplastics, for example, need to be stored on their own. Otherwise, you risk having the material disintegrating when it comes in contact with other sex toys.


Finally, the material will determine the types of lube that can be used with the respective toy. A material like medical-grade silicone, for example, is incompatible with silicone lubes. If you want absolute versatility, you’ll have to go for a toy that’s made of glass or stainless steel. These two materials can be used with any kind of lube and the toy isn’t going to sustain damage.


Sensations and Exploring Your Sexuality

When thinking about sex toys, most people would imagine the good, old dildo or a vibrator. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with such classic toys. They’ve turned into staple pieces within sex toy collections, giving millions of people pleasure.


Dildos and vibrators, however, aren’t the only choices you have.


The sex toy market offers something to address just about everyone’s needs. You don’t have to stick to traditional choices if these aren’t your things.


You can easily discover a huge selection of anal sex toys, erogenous zone stimulation items, products for couples and items created to fulfill kinks and fetishes.


Don’t limit yourself when it comes to exploring your sexuality, just ask the milf on chellene.


Be honest with yourself and acknowledge the stuff that you enjoy. Even if it’s kinky or not considered vanilla, you have the right to engage in that activity and discover facets of your sexuality that were concealed before.

You will find it difficult to imagine just what’s possible in the realm. This is why start shopping online. Take a look at sex toy shops and catalogs. Usually, these have items categorized according to the type of sex or stimulation they offer. When you browse through a few such galleries, you’ll get a much better idea about the range of possibilities.


Don’t shy away from getting an item that appears to be unconventional. Some time ago, handcuffs and anal beads were unconventional. Today, they’re considered normal sexual items. As long as you’re happy with what you want to do (and you have consent if you will be engaging in partnered play), you are good to go.

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