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The benefits of using sex toys are numerous – from enjoying more intensity to improving your physical and mental health. If you’ve never tried adult items before, however, you’re probably wondering how to get started so here are some Sex Toy Tips.

Newbies need to keep just a few things in mind in order to make their experiences outstanding from the very first try. Here are five tips for a guaranteed good time.

Choose the Right Beginner-Friendly Product

Sex toys for beginners share a couple of common characteristics.

First, make sure the size is right.

Sex toys, even the ones made of realistic materials, do not feel the same as being with a human partner. That’s why smaller is always better if you’ve never had a sex toy before (especially a penetrative one).

A beginner dildo should have a length in the range from four to six inches (10 to 15 centimetres). Also, pay attention to the girth. The thickness of a sex toy is the one dimension that will determine just how manageable and easy to insert it is.

Next, look for the right material. Medical-grade silicone is a safe, premium choice. It’s a non-porous material that you can clean easily. Silicone also delivers some flexibility to make the toy beginner-friendly. Body-safe thermoplastics like TPE and TPR are two other great choices to explore because they come as close to human flesh as technologically possible.

Sex Toy Tips

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Consider Non-Penetrative Sex Toys

If you don’t feel ready for a sex toy like a vibrator, a dildo or a butt plug, you may want to ease your way into things with a non-penetrative pleasure items. Luckily, you have dozens of such choices to explore and consider.

Clitoral stimulators are amazing, easy to use and so intense. They are incredibly beginner-friendly and perfect for foreplay or solo sessions. Other cool non-penetrative sex toys to test out include massage wands, tongue vibes that are reminiscent of enjoying oral sex, finger vibes, penis sleeves, bullet vibes, panty vibes, vibrating strokers and humping toys.


Don’t Go Overboard with Spending

Since you don’t know what you like yet, spending a ton of money on a sex toy doesn’t make sense.

Start with more affordable options to test a few possibilities. Alternatively, you may want to wait for your favourite store to have a discount campaign. This way, you’ll get a premium item on sale and you’ll enjoy the best possible price to quality ratio.

There are good options out there that don’t cost a fortune. Reading a few reviews and pinpointing the features that you’d really like to get will help you choose a few models worth exploring further and eventually buying.

You will come across reasonably priced vibes, dildos, anal toys, toys for couples and toys for guys. Choose one item from the category that interests you most. Dedicate some time to testing out the respective experience. If you’re thrilled by the item that you’ve bought and it gives you the amazing pleasure that you need, you can consider an investment in a premium product for future use.


Always Have Enough Lube

People who have enough experience with sex toys will all tell you one thing – the more lube you use, the more fun you’ll have.

Once again, sex toys aren’t the same as body parts. These stimulators are a bit stiffer than human flesh. Depending on the size and the texture, they may be difficult to use or insert in the absence of enough lubrication.

A high quality lube will be your best friend in this sexual exploration quest.

Stock up on enough of a good lube that is compatible with the sex toy you’ve bought. Water-based lubes are compatible with all sex toy materials. The problem with some of them is that they can get sticky or dry out quickly. To reduce the risk of experiencing such problems, do invest in a premium kind of water-based lube.

Silicone lubes are more long-lived and they produce smooth, wonderful slipperiness. These products are amazing for anal play. The one thing you need to keep in mind is that silicone lubes aren’t compatible with silicone toys. They’ll make your favourite items disintegrate so be careful!

Reapply lube as often as you feel the need to, whether you have a penis or a vagina. A vibrating stroker needs enough lube to feel realistic and the same applies to a clit suction toy. Letting things dry out can lead to chaffing, irritation and other unpleasant sensations.


Take It Slow and Customize the Experience

Most newbies expect an explosive orgasm the very first time they try a sex toy. That can happen for a lot of people but what if it doesn’t?

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t experience fireworks the first time around.

Some people need time to “warm up” to their new sex buddy made of silicone or another synthetic material. Patience and an open-mind are the keys to making sex toys work for you.

If your sex toy has various settings, start at a lower speed and explore intense functions when you’re fully aroused and comfortable. Take it slow. Tease yourself, get in the mood and forget about your inhibitions. The more intuitive the use of the sex toy is, the better time you’re going to have.

You may also want to explore sex toys that allow for setting customisation. Some adult products have a dedicated mobile app you can use to create your own speeds and vibration patterns. It may even be possible to sync your toy to your favourite music. Such customisation choices put you in charge and let you explore pleasure in your own way.

Sex Toy Tips

Finally, remember to let loose and have fun. Sex toys aren’t complicated or intimidating. In fact, most good products are designed for easy and intuitive use. Take some time to touch, feel and turn the toy on before using it on your body. Such exploration sessions will make you more familiar and more comfortable with the use of the respective item. When the time is right, you can bring your new acquisition to the bedroom and discover a whole new pleasure dimension.

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    Great job, Oh Zone, on creating such a valuable resource for those exploring the world of adult toys!

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