What Factors Affect The Penis Size?

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In the world we live in today, penis size is said to determine the masculinity of a man. Little wonder the greater number of men now crave a bigger and well-sized genital organ. The natural growth cycle of the penis starts at age 10-14 during puberty and ends at age 20 when the maximum penis size of a man is achieved. This is when most men become satisfied with their enormously sized organs, and others with a smaller size begin to desire a larger one.

If you are among the greater number of men who feel their penis size is a little inadequate, you are not alone. There are a lot of proven methods by which you can regain your confidence. A recommendable option is the use of penis extenders. Many of these devices are medically approved and completely safe, and if used properly can get you an added inch or two in no time.

So, the question is, what factors then affect the size of the penis? This will be the topic under consideration in this article. Let’s dive in.



The behavior and look of a person are determined by his genes. Genes are inherited by humans from their birth parents. Genes then come together in multiple numbers to form chromosomes. These chromosomes are the determining factor as to the sex of a person. They also determine the sexual traits of an individual. Men inherit the x and y chromosomes from their birth Mom and Dad respectively. These chromosomes are the determinants of the development and size of the penis. And since the number of genes in each chromosome varies in each child, there are varying penis sizes even among siblings of the same birth parents.


Hormone Levels

The hormone that is responsible for the development of puberty, and the development of male traits in men, is testosterone. This hormone brings about the growth of the penis size, the deepening of the male voice, and other notable male characteristics. These changes occur during the teenage years of a young man. The higher the level of testosterone, the larger the penis becomes in size, and vice versa. Therefore, just as a high level of testosterone can stir up an increase in penis size, a decrease in testosterone can affect the size of the penis negatively. No wonder, the average man would lose about an inch in the size of his penis as he gets older due to a drop in testosterone levels.


Smoking and Tobacco Use

A research carried out at Boston University discovered that smoking can diminish the size of a penis when in full erection. The research uncovered that smoking can have a similar impact on the penis as it can have on the heart.

Since smoking restrains the bloodstream, it influences the way a man produces elastin – the substance that permits a man to achieve an erection, in a negative way.



For good health, the kind of food you eat is everything – and the penis size can directly be connected with one’s diet. A solid eating habit, especially during puberty, guarantees appropriate blood flow, which is fundamental for the groin region to ensure the penis develops and can become erect.

A diet of fruits and bunches of vegetables that contain high measures of antioxidants are necessary for a healthy penis. Food varieties that contain vasodilators are also particularly essential because vasodilators keep the muscles in the veins widened and add to the rate of blood circulation and flow.

Men also need to ensure they eat diets with increased fiber and lower saturated fats to decrease the capacity of fatty deposits to collect and clog the penis arteries.



Significant degrees of stress are another factor that can adversely affect the penis size of a man. You definitely realize how excessive stress can draw in various sorts of ailments. When you are reliably under a great deal of pressure, the body course and flow of blood will be influenced. In the event that the flow of blood in the penis isn’t appropriate, the size of the penis will be affected. And this will prompt sexual medical problems. So, if one intends to keep a sound penis and enjoy sexual life fully, one ought to consistently keep an eye out for feelings of anxiety.

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