Reasons Why Everyone Wants Better Sex But No One Wants to Talk About It

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Communication – The Key to Having Better Sex

Have you ever noticed Everyone Wants Better Sex and that there are so many advertisements and sex information online nowadays? Other than that, we even have the best dating sites review where you get the best platforms to find your perfect match. The media is trying so hard to normalize intimate talks, but despite all that effort, we still shy away whenever that conversation is brought up. Do we need to introduce better sex courses in learning institutions, or there are better courses of action? Let us find out some of the reasons that have made it hard to normalize these talks.

Most People Feel Vulnerable

For most, starting a conversation about sex often feels like letting their guard down, especially talking about it with friends. Nobody likes being judged, and even if they don’t say it directly, how they react will tell you how they feel. The funny thing is that everyone wants to have better sex for a lifetime, yet no one is bold enough to engage in such conversations. Starting a sexual discussion doesn’t mean you are a horny pervert. The problem is probably the first thought that will strike the minds of the people you’re addressing.

It’s an Extremely Intimate Activity

If you were brought up in a conservative society, you would probably think that intercourse is sacred, and you should never talk about it in the open. Today, however, the culture is slightly different because people can have sex talks and dates with less fear of being judged. After all, it is very normal. Nonetheless, it’s still not something you can just openly talk about with your folks or family unless you’re close. Whether sex is better with or without a condom, that will be upon you and your partner to decide. Once you’ve become adults and all matured, what’s there to be shy of; why not just open about it?

Lack of Sex Education when Growing Up

Sex is a very sensitive and embarrassing topic whenever it’s brought up. What if it were included in the education system? You learn about it just like the rest of the subjects. Maybe things would have turned out better. Most of the time, we tend to believe that as we grow, things will be better. This is just a fallacy; nothing gets better if you don’t talk about it or at least get to learn more about it.

Is Sex Better the Second Time, or Does It Feels the Same Throughout?

Have you ever wondered if things will ever get better with your intimate life, or will they remain the same? The fact is that things will never change unless you take the initiative to ask. Now the big problem is who you’ll ask. Nobody wants to talk about it. Thanks to the internet, you can find any information you want online. So please read about it, dig deeper for information, and share that information with your partner. They may feel a bit awkward at first, but you’ll both see the benefits when you start having better intercourse with time.

What if I’m the Only One with an Issue?

This question always strikes one’s mind whenever one wants to talk about sex. Most of the time, a person tends to assume that maybe they are the only ones affected; the rest are leading a perfect sex life. This is far from reality because the way you think it, so do your other friends. But deep down, you all feel the need to talk about it; you can have better sex for a lifetime once you normalize these sex talks. It takes courage to kick off these conversations; once you set the pace, you will realize how many people want to have these conversations.

Normalize Casual but Respectful Sex Talks

Some people are so good at criticizing others whenever they touch on anything conversation that involves sex. Yet, in reality, this is part of our daily lives, and we all have to live with it; why preach water and drink wine? If you don’t like the topic, don’t criticize; step away. You might be saving another person’s marriage; there are better sex courses you can find, but most we have to learn by listening and sharing.


Is talking about sex a good idea? Why not? If you’re not just complaining about your partner’s performance, sex talk is essential. People will always be judgmental at first, but they will see sense and the importance of having those conversations with time. There is no other way of having better sex than talking about it with your partner, an expert, or a counsellor. Always remember that communication is vital.

Have you ever tried having sex talks with your partner, and what was their reaction at first? Feel free to leave a comment.

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