How To Properly Disinfect Sex Dolls

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The fascination of humans with matters of sensuality and sexual gratification has given rise to the popularity of related toys like dildos, vibrators, anal plugs, and sex dolls. Not only do they illicit instant sexual pleasure, but they also enhance the sexual experience. However, since these accessories directly come in contact with bodily fluids, it is crucial to know the proper disinfection methods to avoid health hazards.


We cannot stress the importance of good hygiene, especially towards sex toys, enough. Improperly kept adult toys predispose the owner to sexually related infections. Even excellent TPE sex dolls and the best toys would need proper care to last long. Here we will discuss how to disinfect your sex doll properly to prevent unfavorable circumstances.


Know Your Stuff And Start Simple With Soap And Water


There are different materials used in the manufacture of sex dolls. Materials include elastomer varieties like thermoplastic rubber, thermoplastic elastomer, and jelly rubber. Polyvinyl dichloride (PVC), which sometimes contains phthalates, is also used. These materials help make the toys feel like skin.


With varying materials come different methods of care. For example, in surface cleaning, using basic soap and warm water certainly does an efficient job. Also, properly washing the sex toy after every use is essential in maintaining it and making it safe for future use. Likewise, it is also important to properly dry off the sex toy after cleaning.


Disinfect Sex Dolls


When the need to do deep cleaning arises, boiling water works best for small handheld sex toys through submersion. As for sex dolls, using a bleach and spray bottle as a cleaning modality will surely kill most -but not all potential pathogens lurking behind your sex toy.


Dishwashers For Disinfection


You might find it pleasantly surprising that you can also use dishwashers to disinfect small sex toys. When put in an appropriate setting, dishwashers can provide the proper heat to cleanse visually soiled sex toys.


Sex-Toys Wipes And Cleaning Sprays


When a quick fix is necessary to prolong sexual gratification, sex-toy wipes and disinfecting sprays are just the things to help get you going safely. Both materials are antibacterial, which is the best option for cleaning sex toys/ sex dolls.


Pre-Use Cleansing


You should clean your sex toys routinely before and after every use. There is a chance that these toys may have come in contact with dirt, dust, lint, and other materials since their last use. The contamination can be detrimental to both your physical and sexual health, so be diligent and thorough.


Safe Storage Matters


It is tempting to simply toss your sex toy in your dresser where it belongs after cleaning it. However, such places may contain dirt and dust that can contaminate your sex device. Therefore, it is vital to have a designated plastic storage box where all the sex toys and cleaning materials are placed together. If access to its original packaging is feasible, then it is ideal to use that to protect it from undesirable elements. A small satin travel bag can also work wonders while storing these personal instruments.


Safe and responsible use of sex dolls is an important personal attribute that guarantees personal safety and protection. It is easy to fall into the act of laziness, especially during the cleaning/disinfection aspect, but that should never come in the way of maintaining your sex toys.

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