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Whether you’re a new couple or have been married for years, you don’t have to stick to your old bedroom routine and here are Spicy Sex Moves. Spicing up your sex life not only improves your overall relationship but also results in a ton of health benefits

Spicy Sex Moves

By keeping things interesting in the bedroom, you can foster an intoxicating connection between you and your partner, which ultimately strengthens and enhances the relationship. So, if you are up for a little upgrade under the sheets, here are some exhilarating sex positions that will surely keep the flame of passion burning!


If you both want to give and receive at the same time, try the 69 position. This sex move is one of the best options for dual pleasure because both genital and oral stimulation are achieved. For this position to work, one of you needs to lie flat on their back while the other climbs on top in a reversed position. You should mimic the form of the number 69 by ensuring that your mouth is aligned with their genitals, and your genitals is lined up with your partner’s mouth. 

If you are already knowledgeable on how to give a blowjob, then giving him head while in this position is ideal. However, if you can’t focus while your better half is giving you pleasure down there, then your hands can do the trick. Whether you are using your mouth or your hands, just remember that wetter is better!

Reverse Cowgirl

As its name suggests, the one on top should take the role of the cowgirl. The interesting part is that the rider should have their back to their partner, making them face their partner’s feet. This sex position will give the person lying down an inviting view of their partner’s butt cheeks, which they can grope for added tactile pleasure. It also opens an opportunity for the person on top to control and dominate. 

Because the rider is in charge, they can manage the speed according to what is pleasurable for them. Another benefit is that multiple stimulation can be achieved in this position as there is access to the hole being penetrated, the nipples, or the clitoris. If you are feeling a bit adventurous, you may even give the asshole a little tickle while grinding. 


While this one may be recommended to younger couples, it can still be done if both have some athletic ability. The best about this sex position is that it hits the pleasure spots as long as the penis or strap-on is flexible and well-endowed. If not, you may want to consider using penis extenders to make penetration more pleasurable. To make it safe for both, the penetrating partner must avoid injuring or straining both of your genitals by taking things slow in this position. 

To achieve pleasure and safety, both of you should be on your hands and knees, making your butts face each other. Before inserting their strap-on or penis, the penetrating partner must lift their legs off the ground while their arms are in a push-up position. From here, they can thrust to achieve orgasm.

Breakfast Spoons

The name may indicate the best time for such a position, but morning sex isn’t the only time you can do the spooning position. You can always turn a cuddle into some bed-rocking action to make every moment romantic. 

Start by fitting your body along your partner’s backside by curling up on them. The non-penetrating partner should move or lift their outside leg to explore the best angle while the other partner enters from behind. While penetrating, the partner behind can add clitoral stimulation with a sex toy or lubricated fingers, freely roam their lover’s body, hold hands, or kiss the neck. 

Niagara Falls

You may also want to explore playing around with varying sensations or temperature play. This is where Niagara Falls comes in handy. Here, you can begin by running warm water into your tub through a faucet or a detachable shower head. Avoid spilling over water by leaving enough room on the tub. 

The penetrating partner should extend their legs towards the faucet while sitting flat, while the receiving partner should sit on their partner’s penis or strap-on while facing the faucet. The person on top can keep their balance by placing their hands on the tub’s side. As the one below enters and thrusts, the receiving partner should redirect the water current—which should now be cold to intensify sensations—to external pleasure spots like the clitoris. 

This position is especially designed for people who need multiple stimulation to orgasm and is a great way to connect in a more passionate manner.

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sex positions that work

Sideways Straddle

Another position that allows you to control the depth of penetration, angle, and speed while being on top is the sideways straddle. This is even better to give you tons of clitoral stimulation even if your partner doesn’t have a strap-on or penis. 

Execute this position by having your partner bend their knee and extend one leg while lying on their back. Meanwhile, you’ll be facing away from them, so you should lower yourself down on your knees while straddling their bent leg. From there, you can swivel your hips, grind back and forth, or bounce up and down. You may even want to explore different movements while on top to discover what will be best for both of you. 

The Go To Sex Moves

While conventional sex moves are the go-to for couples, it’s also good to try spicing things up. Not only will it help you discover the kinky side of your partner, but it can add more flare to your sex life. 

If both of you are satisfying each other, then the happier the both of you will be. Start with the more common ones, such as the breakfast spoons, and work your way up to the more adventurous ones, like the helicopter or the sideways straddle. This way, you’ll ensure that both of you can enjoy new techniques without unnecessary pressure.

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