I walked into an adult store and walked out $1500 less later… why I should of done it sooner!

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So my partner and I have been together for 4 years and only recently we have realised that our sex life is starting to get stale. Put it this way, If he moves his hips to the left when I’m on top, I know he wants to put me into missionary. That is how in sync our sex life is and how repetitive it has become. I have a girlfriend named Anna that tells me every week that she goes to the adult shop in Caringbah frequently and buys toys. She told me that the staff at the store are like sex therapist and give her advice about everything, even her relationship as a whole. She honestly raves on about them every single time we go for dinner or a coffee date. I sent her a text the other day and asked if she wanted to come with me. I pretty much explained how boring mine and Daniel’s sex life has gotten. It was set, Friday night we were going to have dinner in Cronulla, have a few cocktails and then head over.


So two cocktails deep, courtesy of our favorite little Mexican spot in Cronulla. I’m not going to lie, for some reasons I heard years ago that Oysters were a natural aphrodisiac. I don’t know what I was thinking but I ordered a dozen and ate them as if I was going to have sex straight after dinner! We headed over to the store and my first impression was “this isn’t what I expected”. The store first smelt of burnt sage which for some reason made me think I was walking into a sexual oasis. You can tell it was cleaned thoroughly and consistently. We walked up the stairs (thank god for the railing) to see a nice young looking guy there.

First thing he said “Hi ladies, how is your night going?” bursting with life and energy.

I was so caught in the thought that these places had sleazy staff that were going to moan every time you looked at a toy. God I was wrong. The store was bright, colorful, It had plants, it was pretty, it was full of life, it looked so fun and vibrant.

“Have you ladies been in the store before?” he asked.

Anna shot back straight away “I’m a regular, she’s a newby”.

I immediately went shy. I had never really spoken about this element of my life except with Daniel and my girlfriends. Speaking to an outsider, let alone a guy was sort of intimidating. He actually made me feel so comfortable. He took his time to give us a quick tour around the store, explaining to us what sort of toys and funky contraptions do what. He showed us the glass cabinets which housed all the Urethral play surgical steel toys. They were freaky. They are like rods that go down the eye of the penis hole. I don’t have a penis but I was thinking of Daniels, and how it would feel. NO THANKS!


After our little tour he said “Ladies, have a look around. If you need any help that’s what I am here for. I’m not the pushy type, my goal is to educate you to make the best informed decision for what you want to get. What I recommend you do is if you see a sort of category you like, for example the rabbits. Pick 3 and bring them to counter, we can put gloves on because you will be the first to ever touch it if you do buy it and then see which one best feels right for you or all of them if you like”.

We walked around some more and I ended up picking up a Doxy Wand because he explained that not only is one of the strongest wands there is but it can come with attachments which screw on so you don’t lose any power. A We-Vibe cockring that vibrates and has an app and a We-Vibe Sync. He told me to get the Cockring because you can actually turn it around and use it so it vibrates on Daniel’s testies while we have sex and the We-Vibe Sync is actually the worlds best selling toy at the moment and he showed me all the different ways you can use it which I loved. I loved the fact that I could wear it out and if Daniel is with me he can control it and if he isn’t with me (Sometimes he has to go to London for 4 weeks stints for work) he can still control it with the app. I also bought Daniel a Fleshlight Kit so he can take it away with him while I’m not there, the guy said that if we ever wanted to try a threesome but of course don’t want “Another bitch” in the bedroom which made me laugh, you can use the fleshlight to improvise. I bought a bondage kit as well which was by Playful, that was fantastic because it had all the things in it from the Fifty Shades movie. I thought that was enough but then I realised that you know your sex life is one of the best things to invest into. When you have a good sex-life, everything around you is better, especially in your relationship. Money is nothing to me in comparison to having a great relationship with Daniel. So I bought myself a Come Hither Rabbit by The Rabbit Company as well. I made sure I got some flavoured lubricant too. I ended up going with Salted Caramel and a bottle of Pjur Aqua, the guy said this is one of the best water based lubricants that there is.


I was honestly so content and did not regret a cent that I had spent there. Big props to the guy who served us and the store as a whole. Never had I have been made to feel so comfortable and laughed so much during a shopping experience. I have shopped in all the best places that you can think of, and this adult store on the corner at Caringbah had to be one of the best experiences I have ever had. If I were you, grab your girlfriends, take your credit card – better yet they have ZipPay and Afterpay – and go and upgrade your sex life. It will be the best investment you will ever make.

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