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If you’re stepping foot in any of our Oh!Zone stores in the coming weeks, you’ll be sure to notice a new family of toys gracing our shelves, and whether you’ve heard of them or not, they’ll be sure to pique your interest in one way or another. Introducing Lovense, a company who, since 2010, has been taking the internet by storm. If you’re active on camsites, you’ll already be well familiar with Lovense’s line, namely, and most popularly, the Lush/Lush 2, a favourite among streamers, pornstars, SW’s, and the like! In this article, I’ll run you through the Lovense toys we stock, their pros & cons, and some comparables, so you can see what’s right for you, and how you can expect to enjoy these toys!


Find more about Lovense Arcwave.


Before I go into toy specifics, I would be remiss if I didn’t at least point out some overarching features of Lovense toys that apply to everything we’ll be discussing today. First off, and probably most obviously, there are some direct (and justified) comparisons made to We-Vibe. Lush, their most popular toy, is very similar in functionality & appearance to We-Vibe’s Jive, the Hush & Edge plugs draw likeness to We-Vibe’s Ditto & Vector respectively. The Domi is similar in construction to the Wand from We-Vibe, and the Osci is very similar to the Rave. It should obviously be mentioned that these toys share similarities as they are general popular toy shapes – but the comparisons aren’t just superficial – the Lovense line, similar to the We-Vibe line flaunt some pretty impressive teledildonic technology. International connection, P2P interaction, vibration customisation, and remote play, to name a few. Obviously, neither company created the concept of long distance toys, but the comparisons cannot be ignored. As this article progresses, the comparisons you’ll see from toy to toy will heavily feature We-Vibe toys, but I want to make it clear I’m not accusing any company of copying another. Each company does their own thing very well, and it’s up to you, the consumer, to make your own decision about what toy you think will be best for you!


Now, for the toys.


Lush/Lush 2

Strong out of the gate, we’ll start with the Lush/Lush 2 of international internet fame. The Lush 2, their updated version of the Lush, is not your regular egg vibrator. Soft, supple silicone, a powerful motor, and impressive phone/computer connection, the Lush set of toys became a favourite of many in the camming community. The integration with streaming sites, and a simple interface, lent itself to be an easy pick-up for cam models wanting a higher level of interactivity with their audience. 



  • Powerful, Quiet Motor
  • Waterproof
  • Streaming/Camming Integration



  • Internal Stimulation Only
  • Unable to be Used During Sex
  • No Colour Options (pink is fine… I guess…)



  • Jive by We-Vibe
  • Bloom by We-Vibe
  • Esca2 by Kiiroo


Overall, the Lush is set to be a bestseller. Powerful, and at a competitive price point, this toy is bound to be a favourite for all who try it, in particular SW’s & cam models!



Rabbit, anyone? The Nora, as with the aforementioned Lush 2, is not your regular rabbit vibrator. With a rotating head, powerful vibrations, and again, some particularly impressive teledildonic capabilities, the Nora will be a fan favourite for sure. Similar to the technology in the Pearl & Fuse from Kiiroo, a separate toy can be controlled by the speed of the thrusts of the Nora! Touting the same cam & app connectivity as the Lush, this is the rabbit toy cammers have been dreaming of! The internal arm of the toy rotates – yes, rotates – for levels of stimulation you’ve never experienced. Using similar technology as the Revo line from Nexus, and the Rotating Rabbit from Rabbit Co., this toy doesn’t skimp on power in any aspect of the toy.



  • Intensely Powerful Clit Arm
  • Rotating Internal Head
  • Waterproof
  • Streaming/Camming Integration



  • No Internal Vibration Motor
  • Simple controls (Cycle settings only – can’t just go back to a previous setting)



  • Nova by We-Vibe
  • Fuse by Kiiroo
  • Rotating Rabbit by Rabbit Co.


I believe that the Nora is one of the more underappreciated toys from Lovense; but I also don’t think that it necessarily beats out too much of the competition in the rabbit market. It is sure to be loved by the people who do buy it, but getting people there might be the harder part.


Max 2

Something for the dicks. Introducing the Max 2, a very technologically advanced masturbator for all of our Penis-Havers in the audience. We’ve all seen masturbators before. Fleshlights, Tengas, Svakoms, etc. They’re fun! Some of them vibrate; but from what I can tell, none of them compress. Yes, you read correct; the Max 2 compresses around the penis for that extra bit of tightness. The only thing similar, to my understanding, is the Kiiroo Onyx, with its pleasure rings that compress to replicate thrusting. The Max 2, to my understanding, is a full shaft compression, replicating the clench of Kegel muscles, as would happen during a vaginal orgasm. Pretty impressive stuff! Obviously, the Max 2 vibrates too, because we weren’t spoiled enough. The toy is reportedly a little on the louder side, so maybe wait for the house to be empty, but the toy itself is still a technological marvel.



  • Compression Settings
  • Powerful Vibrations
  • Phone/VR Connectivity



  • TPE, not Silicone
  • Loud motors
  • Difficult to clean



  • Tenga Flip Zero Vibrating
  • Svakom Alex
  • Kiiroo Onyx


The reviews of this toy are the least favourable. Apparently the Max 2 has its fair share of issues, and with the impending release of the ARCWAVE line, (you thought I wouldn’t mention ARCWAVE in this article?) I think Penis-Havers looking for a new experience will take the ARCWAVE route over the Lovense. Only time will tell!


Okay, this article is long enough as it is, so for now, I will bid you adieu. Now, now, wipe those tears; I’m not gone for long. There are still 5 more Lovense toys to introduce! Expect a part 2 coming soon, on this very website. In the meantime, why not pop into an Oh!Zone adult store, and familiarise yourself with your future favourite toy. We’ll be waiting for you!


Alex is a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Center.


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