A relatively brief history of sex work Part 1

Fondly coined as the worlds’ oldest profession, sex work dates back to before the Bible and can be found through just about every culture, and is still a widely debated topic today with large emphasis being placed on its relation to womens rights as well as the separation of church and state. Even in 2020 only a select few parts of the world have legalised this profession. [...]  Read More

Keeping The Relationship Thriving

This year has not been an easy one, for single people or couples. Singles have been isolated on their lonesome (if they were following social distancing of course!) Which sucks, but of course there’s always masturbation and phone sex, the physical intimacy and affection is missing of course but that’s not what this is about. [...]  Read More

The favourites sex toy collection

Womanizer has to be at the top for the fastest orgasm its incredible technology that just does the job without missing the beat or falling off the spot haha. [...]  Read More

A New Challenger Approaches – Lovense; Hit or Miss? (Part 1)

If you’re stepping foot in any of our Oh!Zone stores in the coming weeks, you’ll be sure to notice a new family of toys gracing our shelves, and whether you’ve heard of them or not, they’ll be sure to pique your interest in one way or another. Introducing Lovense, a company who, since 2010, has been taking the internet by storm. If you’re active on camsites, you’ll already be well familiar with Lovense’s line, namely, and most popularly, the Lush/Lush 2, a favourite among streamers, pornstars, SW’s, and the like! In this article, I’ll run you through the Lovense toys we stock, their pros & cons, and some comparables, so you can see what’s right for you, and how you can expect to enjoy these toys! [...]  Read More

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