A New Challenger Approaches – Lovense; Hit or Miss? (Part 1)

If you’re stepping foot in any of our Oh!Zone stores in the coming weeks, you’ll be sure to notice a new family of toys gracing our shelves, and whether you’ve heard of them or not, they’ll be sure to pique your interest in one way or another. Introducing Lovense, a company who, since 2010, has been taking the internet by storm. If you’re active on camsites, you’ll already be well familiar with Lovense’s line, namely, and most popularly, the Lush/Lush 2, a favourite among streamers, pornstars, SW’s, and the like! In this article, I’ll run you through the Lovense toys we stock, their pros & cons, and some comparables, so you can see what’s right for you, and how you can expect to enjoy these toys! [...]  Read More

The New Wave of Vibrators; and Why They’re What You Need.

The vibrator has existed for a long time. From tales of Cleopatra filling a gourd with bees and using it to masturbate, to the vaguely named “Manipulators” and “Table Massagers” of years past, we discovered that vibrations feel good, and never looked back. And while Cleopatra may have not buzzed about as much as we may have hoped she would, the vibrator hasn’t seen much evolution since the early to mid 1900’s. And while, to be fair, we found what works, the new wave of vibrators flooding the market in recent years is not the gimmicky technology that some may believe it to be. From the ‘Womanizer Premiums’ to the ‘Stronic Reals’ of the world, here’s a list of vibes that are changing the game for our sex lives for the better. [...]  Read More