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There are A LOT of sex toys out there. Bullets to beads, straight vibes to strap-ons, thrusters to ticklers, plugs to pocket pussies. But there are arguably none more popular (and notorious) than the ever-present wand. The unmistakable handle, the bulbous head, wands are always a sight to behold. And although most wands are similar in shape, size, colour, and power, there are some key differences that need to be considered in the purchasing process. Here’s a list of 5 wands sold at Oh!Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres, their features, and why they should be yours immediately!


FemmeFun Booster Wand

As I write this, the FemmeFun Booster Wand is sold out in the Caringbah Oh!Zone Store, which, once you learn how fantastic this thing is, will be no surprise. Touting complete submersibility, a small form factor, and power that will undoubtedly knock your socks off, the FemmeFun wand is a great wand to get started with. Coming in at $130, this toy is an absolute steal, and is just another great representation of what FemmeFun is doing across our store! If you started with the FemmeFun Booster Bullet, this toy is the perfect next addition to your collection, and should be in your collection ASAP!


LeWand Petite

If you love travelling like me, there are a few essentials that need to come on every trip. For me, it’s my toothbrush, my camera, and the weird one, my red converse. No matter where I’m going, they’re coming with me. If you’ve got your list of essentials in your head, be prepared to add something to your list. The LeWand Petite is the younger sibling to the LeWand Massager (which is coming right up!) and is the perfect wand to throw into your toiletries bag to make that work trip infinitely more enjoyable! Showerproof (so no submerging this one), powerful, and with an incredibly flexible neck, the Petite by LeWand, a female run company, knows what the people want. Want to take it up a notch? Maybe you should consider…


LeWand Massager

This bad boy! Powerful, beefy, sleek, and simple, the LeWand massager feels as good as it looks. The Massager is rechargeable, and flexes some intense power, perfect for not only those naughty times we love, but also muscle relief and massages of the non-sexy kind. A fair bit larger than the Petite, it also packs much more of a punch, and is perfect for those who like it fairly intense. Similarly showerproof, the battery life is also considerably longer than the Petite. However, as the great saying goes “With great power, comes great responsibility noise!”. Is noise not an issue for you? And you want toe-curling, mind-melting, noise-complaint-receiving power?! Take a look at…


Doxy Number 3

The Doxy Number 3! This wand could be classified as a weapon. Made of die-cast metal, and a soft silicone head, the Number 3 plugs directly into the mains power, and then directly into your soul. It’s relatively loud, but the noise will be easily drowned out by any noises you’ll be making. Power is king when it comes to Doxy, so unfortunately it’s not waterproof, but it will fulfill all of your intensity desires ten-fold. As powerful as it is, however, it’s not my favourite! That would be…


We-Vibe Wand

The We-Vibe Wand! This bad boy ticks every box. Powerful, deep, rumbly vibrations: check! Complete submersibility: check! App connectivity for control from anywhere in the world: Check! The Wand by We-Vibe is coated in incredibly high quality silicone all over, meaning it’s soft in your hands and in other places! It flexes the ever-impressive SmartSilent technology, meaning whenever it’s not touching you, it’s not vibrating! This wand also ditched the usual button controls in favour of an easy to use joystick-esque toggle, making control and speed management a dream! This wand encapsulates everything amazing about We-Vibe, and, in my humble opinion, is the best toy on the list. If you want the all-rounder wand, come grab the We-Vibe Wand today!


Let’s face it. Wands are the most recognisable sex toys in the world. It’s only right you have your own! If you clicked on this article thinking it was about Harry Potter, I’m sorry! But, if you got this far, hopefully you at least learned something! Either way, swing by Oh!Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres today and pick up your new favourite toy!


Written by Alex a consultant at the Oh Zone Adult Stores….

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