Four Helpful Tips For Using Dating Apps

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Have you ever considered giving online dating a chance? Despite the initial skepticism, numerous people end up amazed by the online world of endless matchmaking opportunities, eventually forgetting about the struggles of real-life dating.

Nowadays, dating applications have become a real trend among online daters, providing them with incredible convenience in terms of finding a suitable partner. There is a multitude of online review sites, such as, helping daters to choose a dating application that matches their requirements.

You’ll find the following tips helpful when using such an application.

Make a good choice of photos

The inceptive thing to consider when becoming a member of a dating app is choosing photographs that represent you in the best light. However, don’t take this the wrong way by posting airbrushed photos that conceal your natural beauty and distort your figure.

Additionally, make sure you upload authentic photos in order for your potential partner to easily recognize you when meeting for a real-life date. It’s essential to refrain from using photographs where large sunglasses or wide beam hats cover your face, thus depriving other app members of any clues about your appearance. Also, digging up some old pictures from the time you were younger won’t do you any favor, as your date will guess your approximate age upon meeting you in person.

Therefore, you’re recommended to upload a close-up photograph, which depicts your facial features and personality traits. Make sure you post another shot of your body shape, taken from an optimal distance. Although two photos are more than enough for app members to get a first impression, you can always add a few more appealing shots of your traveling adventures, hobbies, or beloved pets.

Write an interesting biography

Apart from posting a couple of photos, dating app members are required to compose a short biography in order for potential partners to get a glimpse of their personality. These apps tend to have different requirements when it comes to biographies, some requiring members to write lengthy character descriptions, while others require no more than a few lines. Click here for some useful tips about writing a dating app bio that will get you more matches.

Regardless of the length, your biography is supposed to be concise, honest, and amusing. You’re advised to point out your most essential personality traits, life goals, hobbies, and interests. No one is keen on reading lengthy descriptions, which is why you need to choose your words wisely. Also, stay away from cliché statements as openers and weird jokes that only you seem to understand.

Start your search

After creating an appealing profile, you’re expected to commence your search for the right partner. Most of the reputable dating apps provide their members with the opportunity to use advanced search options in order to find the perfect match. Hence, some people compose a list of the desirable characteristics they look for in a partner, thus hoping to facilitate their hunt.

Nevertheless, you aren’t recommended to come up with endless criteria when it comes to choosing a partner, as you might end up with an extremely limited choice of potential boyfriends/girlfriends. Being incredibly picky isn’t exactly beneficial when looking for a partner online, as the purpose of dating apps is to broaden your search.

Start conversations with a question

When you finally find the courage to start a conversation with a person that seems interesting, refrain from using the conventional greetings, such as “hi” or “what’s up?” Make sure you come up with a clever open-ended question that triggers the interest in the other person to give you an immediate answer. It’s important to base the questions on the general information that other members post on their profiles, which demonstrates your curiosity towards their hobbies and interests.

For instance, if your potential parent is fond of traveling, open the conversation by asking about his/her last adventure. Conversely, if the person is a cinephile, ask him/her about its opinion on the latest blockbuster. The following link,, includes some helpful tips about starting a conversation with a stranger.


An interesting biography, well-chosen photos, and clever conversation openers are crucial for online dating success!

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