Keeping The Relationship Thriving With This Good Advice

Keeping The Relationship Thriving

This year has not been an easy one, for single people or couples. Many have found it difficult keeping the relationship thriving between each other. Singles have been isolated on their lonesome (if they were following social distancing of course!) Which sucks, but of course there’s always masturbation and phone sex, the physical intimacy and affection is missing of course but that’s not what this is about. [...]  Read More

Easy Tips For A Blissful Masturbation: Time To Play Solo

Easy Tips For A Blissful Masturbation

Blissful masturbation offers a natural way to explore your body and discover your preferences. Engaging in solo play has numerous benefits, including stress relief, mood enhancement, and sexual tension release. It’s a self-limiting activity, enjoyed simply because it feels good. Setting the mood can enhance your experience—think dim lights, soothing music, and a comfortable setting. [...]  Read More