Time To Play Solo: Easy Tips for a Blissful Masturbation

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“Your happiness is in your hands.” This is especially true with Easy Tips for a Blissful Masturbationwhen you have a vivid imagination and are alone in bed on a cold, lonely night.

And this a factfor men, as you practically have a built-in, DIY penis milking machine at your disposal.

Oh, and a little solo play can do you a lot of good.

Going Solo

Playing solo is pretty much a regular activity and is a natural way to explore your body and sexuality and discover your preferences. If anything, it’s a simple, less complicated, more direct way of achieving the orgasms you desire.

Masturbation, or merely sexual stimulation, has several benefits to boot, which includes relieving built-up stress, boosting your mood, releasing sexual tension, and helping with your sex life, among others. It also helps prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

It is a self-limiting mechanism in that unless you’re living in unusual circumstances, no one forces you to masturbate. It’s not even something you’re convinced to do because it’s “good for you.”

Simply put, you masturbate because you feel like it. It’s an enjoyable thing to do, so you do it.

Set the Mood

It isn’t so hard to get in the mood when it’s a lot of fun. Still, it won’t hurt to add some spice for one hot solo session.

You can plan your solo play as you would a steamy date and set yourself up for some quality personal time. Masturbation shouldn’t be a quickie, and it certainly doesn’t have to be forced.

  • Lay that plush fur rug by the fireplace.
  • Dim the lights.
  • Play your favorite smooth tune.
  • Pour a glass of wine.
  • Light that scented candle (if you must).

Masturbation is an act of self-care. You can make it more pleasurable by setting the mood and creating an ambiance where you’re most comfortable and https://junglefitnessoc.com/accutane-for-sale/ relaxed.

Easy Tips for a Blissful Masturbation

Getting bored with your usual style?

You don’t have to stick to a routine when masturbating. Feel free to experiment. Variations can help you discover different sensations, so play around to find out which one is most pleasurable for you.

  • Try out different positions. You can masturbate lying down, sitting up, standing up, leaning against a wall, or even on all fours. Sex with a partner is often more fun when you switch positions. Why limit yourself when going solo?
  • Lube up. Dry masturbation is not suitable and may eventually lead to sexual problems. Friction can also desensitize your penis over time. Best to use a water-based sexual lubricant free of warming agents to avoid irritation.
  • Build anticipation. Slow down and indulge at the moment. Your orgasms will be stronger when you’re not rushing.
  • Tune in to your body. Do more than merely rubbing one out. It would be best if you listened to your body to discover what it’s capable of. See how it responds to sensations. The more attuned you are to your body, the more confident and at east you’ll be with a sexual partner.
  • Experiment with different strokes. Try different movements to learn various sensations. This will prepare you for the unpredictable sensations of a partner’s stimulation.
  • There’s more to your genitals than the penis, and there’s more to your body than the genitals. Don’t sell yourself short. You may find many more forms of sexual response than just penis stroking.
  • Mind the prostate. Also known as the “male G-spot,” it’s your golden ticket to a full-body climax. There are several techniques you can try to work up and find which one suits you best.
  • Play with toys. You can ramp up your solo session by throwing in a sex toy or two in the mix. You can choose from a wide array of highly sophisticated and powerful penis milking machines for a more profound and robust experience. There are also prostate stimulators and anal beads that can help with some backdoor fun.
  • Vary Your Porn. Sure, men are visual creatures, but try closing your eyes and tuning in to yourself while listening to erotica, or read erotica and broaden your imagination. You might find an appreciation for erotica that you never knew you had.
  • This good ol’ stimulation technique still has merits. It keeps you mentally active and helps you come up with ideas of your own. Imagine what you’ll say and do. You must have some originality when you go out there for the actual sexual experience.


They say happiness is better when shared, but being alone doesn’t always mean lonely. And if you can work on it, it can bring some positivity into your life!

Playing solo allows for some “you” time and gives you ample chance to know yourself better. This way, you learn things about yourself that you wouldn’t have otherwise noticed or attempted to explore. After all, there are many ways to practice self-love.

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