Facts about the Benefits of Sex for Harmonious Relationships

It is impossible to imagine a healthy relationship without regular sex. At first, all couples have passion, but everything becomes boring. People who live together but do not have sex are friends, roommates, anyone but not a couple in love. And then you are searching for a new partner on the best dating sites. [...]  Read More

The Enchanting Crop!

There are few things, in my opinion, that are better than the kiss of leather against your skin. That might not be everyone’s opinion and I am ok with that. Throughout my years and my explorations I have come across a great deal of toys and implements that I have had the pleasure of being acquainted with. [...]  Read More

Sex Toy review on LELO Loki Wave

The LELO Loki Wave is a great product. My first interests in this toy was from a story I had heard about a wife who was trying to convince her husband into anal play, to which after purchasing the Loki Wave the husband said how amazing it had been. I was interested and had been attempting to persuade my partner into trying something like this and had already gotten him to try easy anal play. [...]  Read More