Sex Toy review on LELO Loki Wave

The LELO Loki Wave is a great product. My first interests in this toy was from a story I had heard about a wife who was trying to convince her husband into anal play, to which after purchasing the Loki Wave the husband said how amazing it had been. I was interested and had been attempting to persuade my partner into trying something like this and had already gotten him to try easy anal play. [...]  Read More

Sex Wands!

I have never been one for bullets. I love the powerful vibrations, but the size of a bullet doesn’t always appeal to me and my coordination when it comes to self pleasure. [...]  Read More

Cosmopolitan Flirt

I was looking for a new toy, that wasn’t a wand, because I really don’t like the look of them at all even though they are so crazy powerful, and something that is larger, though still just as strong as a bullet, because my partner and I have been finding bullets way too hard to hold after a while. They have become really hard to handle when things get messy, even the silicone ones seem to be difficult to hold and use for us. The grip just isn’t there. As I was wandering around the store checking out my options, I caught sight of an adorable rabbit shaped toy. Not your regular rabbit toy though, but an actual adorable bunny shaped toy. After closer inspection I found it to be exactly what I was after. The Cosmopolitan Flirt, is a bunny shaped clit stimulator, a perfectly shaped middle ground between a bullet and a wand, that also isn’t one of those palm held things or a just some regular old straight vibrator being dual purposed as a clit stimulator. [...]  Read More