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Zachs Guide To Sex positions for the beginner.   Sometimes its hard to think of the right sex positions to hit the G-spot and give your partner the big O that they deserve. So here are some good ones to start with! All of these positions work best after foreplay. As foreplay making the g-spot to swell up with blood making it more sensitive and easier to hit


G spot positions


The soft serve!

Lay partner on there side in a spooning kind of position. Then slide your knees up slightly so you can slide in from behind.


This position provides the perfect angle to hit right on the top wall making it the g-spot every time! Also leaves the body open for extra play. Bring in toy to give extra stimulation. Play with your partners nipples to add extra fun! Get creative and have fun!


The girl on fire!

Lay on your back and have your partner sit on top of penis or strap on. It’s very similar to cow girl but have your partner lean back and place hands ither on bed or your legs for more support

This will help give partner more control over which spots you hit, speed and rhythm. this will help you learn a bit more about how your partner likes it



Lay partner on there back and put their legs over your shoulders. This works best when you put the back of your partners knees on your shoulders. If it courses discomfort in partner place a pillow under there back

This works well because when your partner is bent like this it narrows the vagina making it easier to hit all the right places. For deeper penetration your partner may pull you closer for extra reach!


The snake!

Lay partner on there back and rase their hips and slide in from the back. For extra support put your hands down in front your partners head or for a bondage kind of fun. Pin partners hands next to there head.


This version of doggie style gives a better angle this also gives partner some degree of control by adjusting angle of there hips. If they rase it right you will hit right on the G-spot. If back pain becomes an issue put a pillow under partner


Cow girl!

Lay on your back and let your partner sit on top facing forward and bend back slightly. Hold onto their thighs for support.

This gives your partner complete control, encourage them to bounce, swive or grind. They can feel where you are in their body. They will know the good spots. This will also help you get to know how your partner likes their strokes. For extra depth rase your hips. It will give your partner more to work with.


The Wheelbarrow!

Lay partner on hands and feet. Pick up your partner by their pelvis and get partner to grip waist with her thighs. If arms become tired. Lean on table or bed for extra support.

This position is I deal for maximum depth and great for hitting the g-spot with I seconds. Can also help you achieve maxim power with your stroke


The big dipper!

Lay partner on the right side, kneel next to you partner and straddle right leg. Curl partners left leg around your left side

This position is great for getting the deeper penetration and g-spot stimulation of doggie style but allowing you freedom to enjoy your partners face. Also leaves partner more open. So, stroke the nipples, rub the clit, bring her favorite toy into the fun!


The Gee-shell

Lie partner on back with legs raised all the way up around their head (if they can reach if not just as far as thy can go!


This position dose requires some flexibility, but if pulled off in comfortable positions get ready for super deep action! If deep action is not for you this position isn’t what you would like but its always fun to try something new!

Never forget communication is always the most important part of intercourse. if any of these positions don’t work for you tell your partner or even tweak it to your own liking. Use the base of these positions and make your own positions! It also helps to add a but plug into the intercourse. As the pressure on the wall between vagina and anus compresses the vagina. It makes all the good spots so much easier to reach. It can also give more of a fuller kind of feeling.

If your partner is some one who enjoys more clitoral play. Its always a great idea to have a vibrating cock ring. Cock rings are like attachments for your penis. It does not take away from your penis. It just makes it easier to use a little more fun. For a guy who enjoys his balls being played with there are cock rings that you can wear that give the guy a little more pleasure too as well as sending vibrations down his shaft. When you wear a cock ring every one wins, and there nothing wrong with using a vibrator during sex. It’s just enjoying positive vibes during sex!

Hope any of this information helps you and your partner(s) during intercourse.

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