Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres 

Thank you for visiting our home page to lear about the Oh Zone Store. They are more than just your regular Adult Stores, they are Adult Lifestyle Centres that cater in all things adult. Many of our staff are actively engaged with Local Community and our staff come equipped with a range of different backgrounds specialties and lifestyles.

For The Learners – BDSM

At Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres, our staff don’t just sell BDSM products; many of them live the lifestyle. Fetlife, a BDSM community, uses the tagline ‘Run by kinksters, for kinksters.’ It’s hard to simply be a retail worker without some love or fascination for the products you sell.

Oh Zone stocks one of the largest collections of leather and stainless steel products around. If our staff don’t start as BDSM or kink aficionados, they certainly become ones later. This passion allows Oh Zone to bring expertise to community engagements. Our consultants often take their ‘work’ with them, putting on their work hats to educate and learn outside the workplace.

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Warning Adults Only

The adult industry is experiencing rapid growth. Even in the past eight years, the pace at which the sex toy industry is growing is astounding. The quality of toys emerging on the market improves yearly, continually engaging couples, singles, and everyone in between. As the population becomes more relaxed about sex toys, we’re discovering more guy-centric toys entering the market.

It’s simply not possible to like everything in adult stores. That’s why we look to our friends, communities, and suppliers to fill us in on all the new stuff you want. Our staff’s passion and engagement ensure we stay at the forefront of the industry, bringing you the best and latest products.

At Oh Zone, we’re more than a store; we’re a community of enthusiasts dedicated to enhancing your lifestyle. Whether you’re new to BDSM or an experienced kinkster, our knowledgeable staff is here to help you explore and find what you need. Visit us and discover why Oh Zone is a trusted name in the adult lifestyle industry.

Adult Lifesytle Educators

Both OhZone and the Adult lifestyle Centres, and the consultants that ‘work’ there, serve as educators to the local communities. Oh Zone has worked closely with urologists from Nepean Health District specifically those with post-operative prostate problems, Sutherland Health District, The RPA and various other organizations both to learn and be educated about Urological issues so that we can more accurately and with professionalism help our clients.  In saying that our consultants also have feedback from listening to our valued customers that educate the doctors, nurses and sexual health counsellors.

Wheelchair Friendly Adult Shop
Oh Zone Adult Store

Oh Zone Kogarah store is on the ground floor and has the ability to serve people with mobility issues that can include people confined to wheel chairs. The thing is that sex shouldn’t be limited to able bodied people. Indeed, all of the stores will have adult toys specifically designed for people with mobility issues, whether that be hands free and cordless stimulation. Often they may be a slightly different design which makes it easier to hold.

The staff are trained in finding the type of product that you’re after and even if they don’t have it in stock, they will source it for you.

Sexual Welness Educators

Some Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centre Consutants are also trained as youth Educators. We have had a few Teachers moonlight among our staff, and they’re specialty is to educate. These staff have also been invited to speak at ACON in delivering sexual health seminars, and delivering Safe Sex information. How to Safely use Sex Toys and BDSM related talks, to both young and mature gay adults.

These talks are invaluable for delivering sexual health and education to individuals. The education system often doesn’t fully provide for accurate sexual health and information. We delivered this seminar based on the types of questions that we were receiving from young and mature adults and their first times in the sex stores. With this information we constructed an FAQ of sorts to help disseminate that information as well as government information provided to us as to where the sexual education was lacking.

Providing Sexual Wellness Equipment and Advice

This relationship started out by chance one afternoon at Penrith when one of our knowledgeable staff members was talking with one of the local Urologist’s. She was impressed by the wealth of information and how the products could be better used to help her clients.  This began one of Oh Zones proudest community engagements.

Oh Zone now works closely with several urologists, as we have the ability to obtain vacuum device pumps and other ED aids that will specifically fit everyone’s needs, This can be for anything from nerve damage from prostate surgery, to erectile dysfunctions, and loss of sensitivity in the penile region.  As a result of these ongoing relationships, sexual health experts regularly contact us offering to give information nights in the stores. Our store has also been featured in main stream media and used for television shows.

Oh Zone stores stock a range of products from Cock Rings, to Vacuum pumps, and Hollow Strap-Ons to assist clients with their sexual needs. Adult Lifestyle stores are sex positive and also stock a range of products that are well suited to clients with disabilities. We acknowledge that not everyone is comfortable for their loved one, who suffers from a disability, to visit a Sex Worker. Thus our stores have the capability and products to ensure that sexual needs are met in a safe manner that benefits the client.

Oh Zone Possibilities
Possible Adult Shop

Anything Is Possible

The staff at Oh Zone don’t just look at Adult Lifestyle Centers as just a retail store, we are an information provider, and a sexual health educator. We strive both personally and professionally to be on the forefront of the adult sexual health and lifestyle industry. Oh Zone! Adult Lifestyle Centre’s are located in Kogarah Sydney and Fyshwick ACT. They are considered to be the best adult stores – and you only have to read some of the reviews that our customers leave to understand why.

This is a new concept of the adult retail sector – Oh Zone! Things are done differently. You will find all of the things expected in a traditional adult shop, but where we differ from other stores, It is a sex positive store, celebrating diversity that caters for couples, men and women regardless of sexual identity, orientation, gender or sexual interests.

The Adult Lifestyle Centre at Kogarah is on the ground floor and has disability access, thereby allowing us to provide services to all people with varying degrees of physical mobility. Exceptional customer service is our aim, provided in an ultra-clean boutique style environment. Discover how we make each and every shopping experience as personalized and pleasant as it can be.

Price Match Guarantee

All products in our store are backed by our unconditional price match guarantee from any other bricks and mortar shop – in a nutshell we have everything that’s “fun for grown-ups” under one roof. Once you have shopped with us you won’t go anywhere else – it’s all here waiting for you and if we don’t have it and you want it, we’ll find it.

Oh Zone consultants are professional and discreet and will allow you to have a private shopping experience or will always be willing demonstrate a whole range of products that fit your needs and desires in a relaxed and comfortable environment.  It is up to you when coming into the stores to what level you wish to receive individualized and personalized care.  You just do not getthis from other stores and certainly not from shopping online.

At the Oh Zone stores we invite you to ask questions, and we have demonstration/testing stations that allow you to feel, turn on and hold different sex toys. Once you have been to an Adult Lifestyle Centre you will find it hard to shop at other stores, as they won’t feel the same – our atmosphere is fun and inviting, our inventory is extensive and our pricing unbeatable. We have served the Sydney adult shopping scene for decades and we know our products. Our staff are extremely knowledgeable and professional and they are tested frequently on their product knowledge as well as having to attend product information seminars and demonstrations.

Oh Zone Customer Service
Best Customer Service


Staff at Oh Zone pride ourselves on our nine step customer service plan. These skills include;

1. Communication-

We will communicate with our customers to find the product that best suits their needs. Communication will allow us to advise and guide them from our experience through the myriad of adult products available.

2. Listen –

We listen to our customers and we welcome feedback. At the end of the day, it’s your store and many positive changes happen in our LifestyleCenters due to suggestions or comments made from our valued customers.

3. Self-Control –

We pride ourselves on being able to handle all customer queries without judgment.

4. Personalization –

We want to know about you, we want to make your personal shopping experience one that you will remember and feel comfortable with. Our valued customers are repeat customers that come back as we invite and welcome you to our store.

5. Humor –

We always try and be upbeat and happy. When you shop with us we want you to be happy and walk away with a smile. Buying sex toys shouldn’t be a dirty experience, we want you to enjoy yourself in our stores.

6. Patience –

We know sometimes it is difficult to choose the right adult product for you, so take your time and browse around – ask questions. You have all day shopping to do at Adult Lifestyle Centers.

7. Attentiveness –

We are attentive to your needs. If you don’t want our help we will let you wander around the store until you do. We are aware that some customers get embarrassed walking into stores where there are adult products. We will try to put you at ease.

8. Knowledge of Products –

We are confident you will not find more knowledgeable sales consultants in the adult industry than our stores.

So in a nutshell the Oh Zone stores are the best adult shops in Sydney and once you shop at our Adult Lifestyle Centers we are confident that you will not do any adult shopping anywhere else