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Oh Zone – Adult Lifestyle Centres offer the largest range of adult products under one roof in Australia. Unless you are attending a Sexpo or other Adult Lifestyle Event these are the stores for you to see and experience everything adult. The range is enormous and too big to single out.

The Kogarah Super Store has over 400 square metres of adult products under one roof with an inventory of over $1,000,000 in retail value. There is nothing to compare and it is a discrete location being in an industrial area. Do not be surprised if you visit on a Saturday or Sunday and that shopping tour bus is out the front.  The store has become the premier destination adult store Australia. It is iconic and overseas visitors come just to shop at Oh Zone.



At Penrith Oh Zone – Adult Lifestyle Centre is on the main shopping strip of Main Street– and with over 300 square metres of retail space and an inventory close to that of the Kogarah Adult Super Store you will simply be amazed. The last inventory count that was done there were over 10,000 individual product lines in this store. Oh Zone stores are the Louis Vuitton of Adult Stores but the product prices are at a Target Price Point.

Oh Zone pricing is unbeatable as we purchase in such volumes our adult wholesale suppliers give us massive discounts that we pass onto you, our valued adult customers. Whether you are after lingerie, a costume a sex toy or something a little heavy for some BDSM Play.  Adult Lifestyle Outlets Have it all for you.

Don’t waste your time going to a dark and dinghy sex shop where you will be embarrassed to walk up the stairs only to find limited selections at outrageous pricing. Adult Lifestyle Stores have it all and more. Don’t delay and as an added bonus if you are a first time customer and let the sales consultant know that you came because of this website we will give you 15% off your first purchase in store only. Now that offer is going to pay for your petrol and time.


Enjoy the widest selection of adult products to keep your life spicy, interesting, entertaining and adventurous.

Sex Improves Relationships!  This is a statement of fact and here at Oh Zone best adult shops we want to ensure that we can help you improve your life.  A romantic relationship needs a lot of proper care just like any other type of the relationships. And one kind of a big factor that greatly affects a relationship is the sex. As society today has become more accepting, the usual or the traditional ways of having a sex may sometimes get a little boring to most of our customer’s. So what do you do when your sex life seems to be getting boring?  If you have any sense, see one of our consultants at one of the Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres and they will be happy to assist you with products that will blow your mind as well as other parts of your body.

Normally, when things get boring, we tend to find a diversion or do something new to end the kind of the boredom being experienced. And usually, these things are something much more exciting and may we say risqué that you want to explore. It is also the same with the sex. Couples nowadays are getting or finding new ways to spice up their sex life, and one good and effective way to do it is through a sex play. Couples always have the options on how to do the sexual play depending on how they want to see their relationship developing rather than being boring or dull.


What is sex play?

What is sex play?
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The products oh zone offer

The products oh zone offer
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