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Sex Play Explained

The Oh Zone Sex Play Guide

Sex play explained – foreplay is traditionally defined by a sexual act or a set of sexual activities that portray an emotional and physical intimacy between to oneself, or a couple. At Oh Zone we believe sex play promotes better sex and can be experienced in solo play, lady on lady, man on man, bisexual encounters, group encounters, transgender, transsexual, transvestite, androgynous and the myriad of alternatives between. We believe in inclusivity and diversity in all its forms.


Oh Zone is a sex positive place, a LGTBQ Safe Place, we welcome those with physical and mental impairments. It is a place where all and sundry are welcome to openly talk, discuss and purchase products to enhance their sexual identities and persuasions, as long as it is legal. There is no discrimination in our stores, and our consultants actively champion many causes, involving themselves with various local communities and groupls.

So in sex play the person who initiates the sexual act may be the romantic partner or not; maybe he is an individual – or perhaps the act may not even be considered sexual to some people. Many people get off being a furry or doing cosplay.

Is it not their right to enjoy dressing up more than the act of sex?

I mean really what is sex?

It could be the act of doing any kind of sexual act, or set of sexual activities that involves an emotional and physical intimacy. That is already considered sex play. But it is still wonderful to have sex, or to sex play with your partner, not just any stranger. Sex play can help boost sexual desire, reduce inhibitions, and develop intimacy to romantic couples and partners. It also strengthens trust and confidence in relationships, as this will break the barrier of shyness. Sex play can allow people to open up, providing honesty and freedom of expression between them.

What Is The Process of Sex Play?

The process of sex play begins when one person initiates a form of physical, mental or sexual intimacy with another. Any action that portrays or enhances sexual arousal, stimulation, interest, and desire may indicate sex play, or foreplay. Sexual activities that show sex play include biting, embracing, touching, and kissing even exploring closeness.

Aside from the physical contact of couples, mental thinking can also invite sexual interest. These include teasing, whispering, talking, and flirting. Many simple gestures indicators that a person or the partner is sexually active or ready.

The Sex Play Guide
Guide To Sex Play At Oh Zone

Sexual arousal can be induced by nudity like stripping of the partner, wearing lingerie that is sexually suggestive or invites sexual interest. Even making your environment sexually romantic. Touching body parts or areas of the body that are sensitive can also invite sexual arousal, as our body reacts or is sensitive to touches and others. Intimate kisses like on the lips, stomach, breasts, back and inner thighs, buttocks, and other areas of the body are an inviting way of beginning sex play, or plain sex. The famous “French kiss” is the common indication of sexual interest, especially the removal of one’s dress or clothing in front of the partner.

Are you ready to discover new sex ways?

So before engaging into something new, try to assess yourself first of how ready are you to face another chapter of your sex life. Are you that committed to making your relationship better?

Consider whether you are totally comfortable with new methods that you are about to try, or are going to use? If you have reservations discuss them with your partner until you are absolutely sure. Talk it over with your partner, agree how things are to out. If you’re uncomfortable with any aspect of sex play or sexual activities, try to adjust and personalize them to suit your comfort level. You have the freedom to express yourself in your own way. It’s important to be honest with your partner about your feelings and preferences. Communicate your desires and boundaries clearly. When you’re enjoying the experience, your creativity will naturally flow, allowing you to explore and discover the world of sex play together.


Oh Zones Suggested Sex Plays –

The Boss and the Office Worker”:

As the name suggests, the boss usually is the one to be followed, while the office is the other one who follows the orders from the boss or assists the boss. This can often be used in conjunction with “sexual bondage” and you can twist it to any scenario you wish. Teacher and Student, Pilot and Assistant and so on… I am sure you get the idea.

In this scenario, the “secretary” is either the one who submits but could be “slacking terribly” or the one who is eager to submit to please the “boss”. So this is applicable to couples who wanted their sex to be a little challenging and twisted.

The Teacher and the Pupil”:

One type of popular sex play is the one who is dominant and the other who is submissive. As the name suggests, this is usually, not all, where the other partner needs to be taught sexually by the other. Following the other people’s actions will be a great wonderful experience to the one who is learning. In other words, the “teacher” teaches the “pupil” or demonstrates to the “pupil” about what will be done and what is new.

The dominant or the “teacher” takes control of the sex act and adds the twist to their play in which the submissive or the “pupil” assists the dominant by learning what to do and how to sexually portray the new “lesson” learned.

Time Bomb”:

This type of sex play is done when the couples agreed on a particular time, say 15 minutes, of not touching each other people’s reproductive organ. After 15 minutes, then the restriction will be lifted and the eagerness and hunger to touch one’s genitals has increased.

The reason for this is that during the agreed time, the couples prolong the anticipation of each, which gets exciting specially when the time ends and you already can have each other people’s “treasures”. As a result, sexual satisfaction with “time bomb” will be in a different level.

“Blind Man/Woman in the Buff”:

In this type of sex play, the person’s eyes are being blind-folded, and their lover on the other hand is totally in control. This is where the one in control can do whatever she wishes to do to the person blindfolded, including teasing them sexually until they feel they cannot take it anymore. According to studies, sensitivity and psychological susceptibility of the man increases in which this would excite onto what will be the next step of the play, and the controller on the other hand will also get excited as to how the sub will react to what they are doing.


“You are My Prisoner”:

Another type that restrains by tying wrists and ankles. This is perfectly done in bed where the person can lie down perfectly. So the dominant one does the work here as well. This will make both persons erotically excited, as the restricted hands and feet can make the sub moan even more during sex whilst the dominant on the one hand gets to control the game playing according to how she wants it to be, letting the sub crave for more.

“You are a Bad Girl/Boy”:

This type of sex play is where the dom can strike back. Couples can do the position anyway they want, but regardless of what the position chosen is, the twist of the sex play here is when thedom spanks the sub, especially on the butt can ignite the fire. Both people’s orgasm will increase and sexual satisfaction will be totally different.

“Put Some Oil on It”:

This sex play is good when couples are outdoors, probably on the beach. So when both of you are naked and ready for the go, you can put some oil on each other, breast or chest, legs, torso, or anywhere on the body as you gently massage each other. The oil will serve as a “lubricant” on your skin that will make sex even more erotic, that slimy feeling it gives you when you feel each other people’s warmth. A piece of advice though, do not put some eucalyptus or menthol oil that may cause discomfort to your intimacy.

“Let the Your Partner Do the Shaving”:

You can do sex play and proper hygiene at the same time. Let your partner shave your pubic hair for you. So you can position yourself in a place that you are comfortable, and let them do the shaving. Your partner will gently shave your pubic hair and at the same time give you that tingling feeling while shaving. This will also arouse them as they are also “playing” with your pubic region and turn you on as well. After shaving, put some lotion or an oil on your genitalia as the after shave leaves a rough surface. By then, you will already enjoy having sex.

“Have Sex in the Car”:

If you had sex in every corner of your house and find it boring already, then you can extend your resources. You can go out of the house and do the job inside your car, or in a lift or perhaps a public place. We know that having sex in a not-so convenient way is exciting. Your space or privacy is limited, and your creativeness will be challenged as you will think of the best positions for your particular situation. Usually, oral sex is great when inside the car; you can start with a head job and end your orgasm with the best sex car experience.

“Play Your Game”:

One good way of enhancing a sex life is having games before starting the sex. You can think of playing card or sexual encounter board games. For example, agree on a particular card game and whoever loses in every round needs to remove a piece of clothing he or she is wearing until both of you get totally naked. This makes both of you winners before having sex and could start a happy ending or beginning. May the best person win!

“Truth or Dare”:

Another exciting game that you can try with sex play is when doing truth or dare. This is how it works. Just do the usual truth or dare process, but the twist is that if you choose dare, you need to select what sexual act you would like your partner to do with you and if you choose the truth, then the other partner asks any related sexual activity that you have tried before and if you have not tried it yet, then you do it. That is the essence of the game. Either way, you will to perform the real sex play.

“Pillow Fight”:

You can behave like teenagers in which you will initiate a pillow fight. So do your best to win because the one who surrenders will sexually please the other. And whoever loses, do it slowly. After an energetic fight will surely make a wonderful sex with your partner. So start with kissing first while touching and slowly taking the clothes of your partner and yours. And then do the rest, still slowly but surely.

“Lap Dance”:

Now, this is where you will think like a sexy dancer to your partner. Imagine your room to be a bar with just the two of you. Make them sit on a chair even bring a glass of wine while watching you), while you slowly do the dancing from a distance until slowly nearing them. Dim the lights, turn up the volume as this will help create a great sexual environment. Make your dance special for your partner and choose sexy music they love. Go with the rhythm of the music and make them go crazy with desire. Make your outfit sexy or you can be naked as well for a better view and match it up with your killer heels. Make them crave for you and express your intimacy with your dancing.

Now that everything you need is ready for you, all you need is to choose the right timing and right mood when having sex play. Doing something different from time to time never gets boring. So never stop trying and make the best out of it.

Best of Oh Zone luck!