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Bedroom Satisfaction: How to Ask For What You Want

Good sex in relationship can bring two people closer together. Satisfaction and fulfilment are critical. You want a partner with whom you are compatible. The best dating sites will typically ask leading questions to understand what you want. But, you may not always get full sexual enjoyment in a relationship. If you find that you are missing out, it helps to know how to ask what you want.

  • Learn How to Communicate About Sex

If you want to know how to fix intimacy issues in a relationship, it starts with communication. Learn how to talk without evoking negative emotions in your partner. You cannot go into the discussion aggressively and hope to get good feedback. Your partner may become defensive, hurt, or even angry. Use words like, how can we make our sex life better, instead of our sex life sucks!

Also, be strategic about when you bring up the topic. Your partner could be enjoying the sexual afterglow, and that is the time you choose to complain. Set a good time for the discussion and focus on a good approach to elicit discussion rather than argument.

Do you want to know how to enjoy sex in relationship? Easy, think of exciting ways to bring back the romance. Role-play should start early in the day and not just before. Make your partner a nice breakfast.

Text them during the day to tell them you are thinking about them. Slip naughty love messages into their pockets and whisper flirty things into their ears. Text them and tell them you can’t wait to make love later in the day. Maybe you even want to introduce remote controlled toys that your partner can access any time.

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Increase intimacy by paying close attention to your partner’s needs and desires. Make time for them daily to strengthen your connection. Plan regular date nights to create shared experiences and memories. Communicate openly and listen actively to foster deeper emotional bonds. Engage in activities your partner enjoys to show appreciation and care. Prioritize quality time together without distractions to maintain focus on each other. Surprise your partner with thoughtful gestures to keep the relationship exciting. Practice empathy and understanding to navigate challenges together. Consistently investing in your partner builds trust and enhances intimacy. A dedicated effort to connect deeply enriches your relationship.

Ever thought about role-playing? Be that fantasy your partner always talks about. They will not even be able to get through the door before grabbing you for a hot, heavy sexual session. Bringing in the playful, fun element is a sure way to have more sex in relationship.

  • Seek Help for Intimacy Issues

Can a sexless relationship be fixed? Yes, it can. It starts with both of you acknowledging that there is a problem. You then take the necessary steps to correct them. If you find that communication is difficult for the both of you, seek professional help. A sex therapist or psychologist will show you what you need to do to communicate better and bring back the intimacy.

Professional advice from a therapist, doctor, or sexologist can transform your sex life by offering expert insights and solutions. These professionals address underlying issues such as health problems, psychological barriers, or relational conflicts. They provide personalized strategies to improve communication, enhancing emotional intimacy and mutual understanding. Therapists guide you through sexual education, helping you understand your body’s responses and preferences. Doctors diagnose and treat medical conditions affecting sexual performance, such as hormonal imbalances or erectile dysfunction. Professional advice includes safe practices for new activities, reducing risks and ensuring comfort.

Therapists introduce techniques like mindfulness and relaxation exercises, reducing anxiety and improving sexual experiences. They facilitate discussions on boundaries and desires, fostering a healthy sexual relationship. Professionals recommend suitable sex toys or products, ensuring they meet individual needs and enhance pleasure. They offer coping mechanisms for stress, which often impacts sexual desire and performance.

Regular consultations with a professional provide ongoing support and guidance, adapting strategies as needed. This proactive approach maintains sexual vitality and satisfaction. Overall, professional advice empowers individuals and couples to achieve a fulfilling and healthy sex life.

  • Learn Each Other Better

Get to enjoy sex in a relationship by learning each other better. Be willing to talk about intimacy and the things that may turn you on and off. Teach your partner ways to make love to you. During your lovemaking, gently guide your partner to your erogenous zones. Show them where and how to touch you. It may surprise you that they may actually not know what you like. Instead of playing the guessing game, hoping to get it right, show each other.

Sex in relationship can be an explosive out-of-this-world experience. It, however, requires total honesty and a willingness to listen to your partner.


The biggest challenge to good sex in relationship is a lack of communication. You both do not know how to talk about intimacy. None of you knows what makes your partner happy or not. It is time for an open discussion if you hope to fix the issue. If you find that you cannot communicate effectively, it may be time to seek professional help.

To have a great sex life, you must resolve or minimize external stressors in your life. Stress affects sexual desire and performance, making relaxation crucial. Identify stressors like work, finances, or personal issues and address them promptly. Practice stress-reducing techniques such as mindfulness, yoga, or meditation to improve mental well-being. Prioritize self-care by maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise, and sufficient sleep. Open communication with your partner about stress can foster emotional support and intimacy. Set boundaries to manage work-life balance and reduce burnout. Seek professional help if stress becomes overwhelming. A stress-free mind enhances your sexual experiences and overall relationship satisfaction.

How do you both approach the sensitive topic of sex in relationship? We would love to get more tips.

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