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Oh Zone Adult Lifestyle Centres always have unique and different discounts and offers each day of the year. Some products are discounted with price reductions up to 75% off.. At certain times of the year we offer half price specials and even sell adult products at below our buying cost to blow them out to get new stock. Pop in to each store to see what is on offer for sale at greatly reduced prices.

Oh Zone will also offer from time to time buy one and get one free specials on certain sex toys or will give complimentary products when you buy. You will be given batteries with your sex toys when your purchase is over $40 Sydney so don’t delay and visit your closest Adults Lifestyle Centre New South Wales.  Why not check out some of our other offers available every day –






Please note the condition on this banner.  Oh Zone brick and mortar stores will not match our online pricing in-store.

So if you did not have enough reasons already to shop at the Oh Zone best adult shops the discounts offered above are sure to entice and certainly worth the petrol to drive out to visit our adult lifestyle centres.


Introduce a first time customer to the Oh Zone Stores and we will pay you 10% of their purchases instantly.  This can be arranged discreetly by contacting us first so your friend, relative or associate does not know.  Once the transaction has been completed provide us with your bank details and the funds will be transferred to your account on the next business day.

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