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I have never been one for bullets. I love the powerful vibrations, but the size of a bullet doesn’t always appeal to me and my coordination when it comes to self pleasure.

Body Wands on the other hand.

A body wand is a massager, fueled with intense vibrations and power. They generally consist of the head and the handle. The head usually sits astride a flexible mechanism for ease of mobility and rotation and is quite large in comparison to a bullet. The enlarged surface area means that vibrations are conducted across the whole area and can stimulate small areas, larger areas and even muscles (more on that later).

The most powerful wands used to be the most powerful because they needed to be plugged into an outlet to be used. Companies have worked over the years to make wands more convenient and portable but now even  the best in the game, Bodywand and Doxy have expanded their repertoire to include portable versions of their most powerful wands with the convenience of no cords. This, without sacrificing the power that they are known for.

I have several wands in my collection and I love them all. They are all different and fulfill different purposes which I will run you through. A wand is not simply for clitoral stimulation in the bedroom.

The palm power is perhaps my newest addition and was added for its simplicity, shape and power. The palm Power as you can imagine is a slight wand with a head that is approximately the size of the average areola, not one of the big ones. Despite its small size, the palm power delivers a hearty dose of intense steady vibrations and functions. What is most appealing with the palm power and its size is that is the easiest and most intense travel sized wand. Being able to fit inside most medium to large handbags, backpacks and some small bags, the palm pocket is my go to “on the go” vibe that ensures that those powerful vibrations are not sacrificed.  For those who aren’t interested in travel size, Femme fun offers a beautiful and intense wand that is still compact and has all the sought out features, body safe silicone, waterproof and rechargeable. The beauty of the Femme Fun however is due to its streamline design, if you are feeling adventurous, it is also insertable. Another benefit of the FEMME Fun Wand is that its handle does not radiate the vibrations, meaning that you feel less of the vibrations in your hand and will not end up with a tingly hand after any play session.

This brings me to the Lelo body wand. Glamour and luxurious, this elegant statement piece is also made of body safe silicone and waterproof and comes without the plugin option. The real beauty of this wand is its size and shape. Because of the curve in the Lelo’s handle it makes reaching, edging and holding the wand against your genitals the most comfortable. Again, the streamline and lack of exposed moveable pieces means that the lelo can be inserted. The size of the head of the wand coupled with the curve in the handle means that the lelo stimulates and vibrates against the G spot (approximately 2.5 inches along the vaginal canal) and the A spot (approximately 2 inches past the g spot) this combination and the powerful vibrations can result in rather intense vaginal orgasms and simultaneously stimulating deeply may assist in achieving female ejaculation or squirting.

New to the market is the Doxy 3R. The doxy has dominated the industry as the most powerful body wand, but now all of this power now comes without the power cord. Several market testings have been done including a blind feeling test and the majority rated that the Doxy 3R could not be distinguished from its older counterpart. I always love a toy that is discreet and can easily be hidden away from prying eyes when the moment calls for it. The Doxy 3R comes in a very futuristic metal cylinder which keeps it hidden away but also offers a sanitary and hygienic space to keep your toy dust and bacteria free between uses.

Speaking of discreet, even if you don’t have the sleek space aged cylinder to keep your wand, I have always been of the impression that any of our wands can be explained as a muscle massager after those gym sessions, or sitting at the desk for too long. Not only is this a convenient excuse, it actually works. It should not surprise you to learn that deep rumbling vibrations assist with releasing tension and soothing knotted muscles all across the body.

Just make sure that you clean after you use it during play time in case anybody asks to use it on their neck muscles.


What could be better than a strong vibration, sleek and easy hand grip and multiple settings? Attachments. Several wands have had the foresight to design and manufacture replaceable caps or add ons for their wands to assist in performing multiple intimate acts.

Le wand has attachments for external and internal pleasure.

Doxy and WeVbe ensure that they work towards closing the gap and offering attachments for prostate and masturbation sleeves as well as oral simulation ensuring that their products are as diverse as their pleasure. Did I mention that WeVibe’s wand has a smartphone controllable app?

Palm Power offers the most attachments, housing internal, external, clitoral, oral simulation and rabbit accessories.

For Massage purposes

A wand has an incredible use outside of the bedroom and intimate acts. The deep rumblings vibrations and large flexible heads ensure deep tissue massages on any part of your body. Putting the wands to the test, each that  I own did a spectacular job on muscles from punishing them at the gym, to sitting in front of the computer for too long. Lower vibrations are better suited to the neck and head, too powerful and you begin to feel your entire skull and brain shaking. The  smaller wands such as the PalmPower are fantastic for deep knots in the shoulders and calves, while the larger heads such as the Lelo, the Femme Fun and the doxy are well suited to the larger muscles or an overall deep tissue massage on any part of your body. Palm power and Le wand also manufacture attachments specifically designed to assist in muscle tension, muscle massage and deep tissue massage, not just interchangeable attachments for intimate play.

For sore muscles, try an epsom salt soak in the bath and using one of the waterproof massages mentioned about, gently coax out the tension in your body, and then have some real fun to leave your entire body and soul, relaxed and sated.

When choosing a Wand Massager, make sure that you purchase one that is rechargeable to ensure maximum power and ease of use. Study the size and flexibility of the head and know whether you intend to use it externally, or both internally and externally. Check for whether or not you want, and the wand you pick offers attachments. Make sure you ask whether the wand is waterproof, splash proof or fully submersible to avoid heartache down the line.

My top picks – Tiffany is a consultant at the best adult shop near you.

Travel size:

Winner: Palm Power – Waterproof

Runner Up: FemmeFun Wand


Winner: Lelo

Runner Up: Femme Fun Wand


Winner: Doxy 3R

Runner Up: Palm Power Waterproof

Whisper Quiet:

Winner Lelo Wand

Runner Up Le Wand


Winner: Palm Power Waterproof

Runner Up: Le Wand


Winner: Palm Power Waterproof

Runner Up: WeVibe Wand

Vibration Free Handle

Winner: Femme Fun Wand

Runner Up: Satisfyer Wand

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