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Not every young man knows Who are milfs or decides on a relationship with an older woman, but polls show that many young men associate their fantasies with such experienced and well-groomed ladies without all sorts of problems and cockroaches in their heads.

The word “milf” comes from the English acronym MILF, which stands for “Mother Iʼd like to fuck”.

Milf is a woman in her 30s and 50s who catches the eyes of young guys and turns them on. Of course, not every woman over 30 can become a milf, and even more so when it comes to women closer to 50. Many women stop looking after themselves, sometimes when building a career, sometimes after marriage and childbirth. They gain weight, do not follow the skin, do not do fashionable hairstyles, manicure and pedicure, dress very simply, and so on.

Milf is a woman who is able to attract not only peers, but also young people much younger than herself. Often these women reveal their sexuality with age, which attracts the looks of younger guys. MILFs may be single or married, they may have children, even adults, but they still look out for themselves to have young people.

Milf signs:

  • Beautiful and well appointed. The first thing you notice about a woman is her attractiveness and sex appeal, not that she is much older. The MILF most likely visits beauticians, stylists, spas and gyms. And all this is noticeable in her. Some go further and turn to plastic surgeons.
  • Self-confident. Milfs don’t get complex because they are older than those they are attracted to. On the contrary, they are more experienced. Milf always knows what she wants: sets a goal for herself and achieves it.
  • Usually milfs are financially secure, have their own apartment and, as an option, a car. They have money for beauticians, stylists and a gym. Milfs don’t need to prove anything to anyone, they just take what they need.
  • Free from family worries. For most MILFs, cooking, washing dishes, ironing, cleaning, raising children and other “household chores” is not something they are ready to devote their lives to. If children already exist, then they, as a rule, learn independence from an early age.
  • Dominant in the vicinity. It is believed that usually the initiator of intimacy is a man, that is, it is he who “rolls up” to the lady. It’s not like that with milfs. They often don’t need courtship and foreplay. Moreover, they themselves can act as initiators of acquaintance and initiators of intimacy, in which, by the way, they also often act as the main partner in control of the situation.

A Typical MILF

A typical MILF is a woman who gave birth at an early age (17-19 years old), but separated from the child’s father or did not even get along. By the age of 30-35, she has not yet established her family life (we are talking about a full-fledged family), so she monitors her appearance so as not to miss her chance. By this age, she is already almost an adult child, who sometimes brings friends home. And the sight of their mother attracts them very much. So to speak, “Mother Iʼd like to fuck”.

There is another type of milf – those that not only attract the looks of young guys, but also actively use it.

  • Moreover, for many, getting a young (within the limits of the law, of course) lover is the main goal. It is also worth noting that women are usually called milfs by young people, emphasizing that the lady, although much older, is very attractive. Peers do not call women that.
  • Of course, taking into account all the energy, as well as the interest of young men in milfs, all this could not but result in the corresponding genre of adult films, in which the female partner is noticeably older.

For such kinds of videos, which contain mature big tits tubes for all kinds of fetishists.

In the life of every man there comes a moment when he realizes that he likes women older than himself. After all, young guys intuitively understand that adult ladies can teach him all sorts of interesting things. Moreover, there is an opinion among teenagers that all mature ladies are very passionate and loving.

Although, it would not be correct to imagine Milf as a mother with children. Usually these ladies are a real fetish for young people. The reason for this is that they look very appetizing, have a rounded shape, unlike bony peers, and cause a lot of sexual experiences.

These ladies take contraception with great responsibility and take appropriate measures. They want to have sex without romantic feelings and complications for their family. Therefore, such ladies are most preferable for young guys who are just beginning to learn all the delights of relationships between the sexes.

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