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Oh!Zone adult lifestyle centres have every toy from A-Z – literally. In this article, I’ll find a toy for every single letter of the alphabet, and I’ll explain why it’s fantastic. Simple, right? Some would say it’s as easy as ABC…


A – Alex by Svakom

Now, I’ve written plenty about the Svakom Alex. Being a completely hands free male masturbator, with built in sounds and scenarios, and looking more like a nutri-bullet than a sex toy, the Alex is something to behold. There’s no shame in going hands free like a businessman from the mid 2000’s, so swing by and grab one!


B – Booster Bullet by Femme Fun

This fantastic fun-sized bullet will vibrate itself off a table. Coming in 3 colours, and touting complete submersibility, this bullet is the perfect travel companion, or the perfect addition to a fun night with someone else (or by yourself). Safe in a hard plastic carry case, this toy should be next on your list of things to add to your collection!


C – Chorus by We-Vibe

The latest addition to We-Vibes wearable/shareable vibrators, the Chorus is second-to-none the best couples toy in the store. Also touting total submersibility, the Chorus can be controlled through the handy-dandy remote, through the intuitive buttons and squeeze control (yes, SQUEEZE control!), or through the We-Connect app. Controllable anywhere in the world through said app, and wearable during sex, the Chrous is perfect for long distance or up-close-and-personal couples alike! Coming in 3 lovely colours, and flexing a super impressive battery life, the Chorus is one of the best toys in store.


D – Duo by Womanizer

Earning the nickname “The Squirting Machine” was no small feat, and the Womanizer Duo continues to impress. Flexing the same powerful suction & faux vibration sensations as the ever popular Womanizer Premium, but adding a powerful vibrating inserted attachment, the Duo has become a favourite for vaginas across the world. The Duo is the real deal, and coming in 2 sleek colours, it is bound to be snatched off our shelves sooner rather than later!


E – Eva II by Dame

Dame started as a crowd-funded company, and introduced the world to the original Eva a few years ago. The response was good, but the toy clearly needed some improvements. Introducing the Eva II. This particular toy fits under the lips of the vagina, and can be worn during sex, or otherwise. Coming in non-conventional sex toy colours like a deep green and a gentle lavender, this toy isn’t your regular old vibrator; it’s something more, it’s something different, and something that should be enjoyed by everyone!


F – Fin by Dame

Dame makes another appearance! The Fin takes similar technology from the Eva II, but transforms it into an incredible finger strapped vibrator! Perfect for solo play or with a partner, the silicone strap keeps things secured, making sure all you have to worry about is you! Ultra-powerful, and still something a little different, the Fin can be yours today!


G – ‘Girls’ Series by Fleshlight

Fleshlight, a leading male masturbation company who pioneered much of the industry, created a line of Fleshlights moulded from the vaginas of popular pornstars. Made of high quality silicone, and countless iterations of your favourite adult actresses (and actors in the ‘Boys’ series!), this toy is the perfect step up from the familiarity of your hand, and thus should be in your hands immediately!


H – Hugo by Lelo

A sleek yet impressive toy, the Hugo is a prostate and perineum massager with a remote control. Lelo, a leader when it comes to adult toys, uses high quality silicone, and comes in sleek, intimate packaging. The toy has 2 powerful motors, for sensation EXACTLY where you’d want it, and is completely waterproof. Perfect for solo or couple (or more!) play, the Hugo is a high quality toy that won’t be around for long.


I – Ignition by Fleshlight

This is, yes, another Fleshlight, but the Ignition is a step above other similar masturbators. The Ignition was made to replicate the best blowjob you’ve ever had. Layered at the entrance, and a tight grip as you continue to insert means you’ll be arriving at your destination very quickly. A must have!


J – Juicy Lucy by Adam and Eve

It was at about this point I realised how difficult it is to find products for every letter of the alphabet. Regardless, we power on. The juicy Lucy is a self lubricating male masturbator. Cool, right? It’s handheld, simple, and, well, juicy! Pick one up!


K – Kip by Dame

Dame makes a third appearance with the Kip! An ultra powerful small vibrator that looks like a curvy stick of lipstick. Coming in a soft lavender and a gentle lemon, this toy will send tingles through your spine like no other. This ones a Kip-er!


L – Lady Bi by Fun Factory

Fun Factory is a leading brand in the adult toy world. Using medical grade silicone, and the ever noticeable bright colours, Fun Factory takes the cake for favourite toys around the world. The Lady Bi is their full sized rabbit style vibrator, and the two powerful motors are bound to tick all your boxes. Completely submersible, and easily rechargeable, this toy is bound to be your favourite!
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M – Moxie by We-Vibe

An OG in the wearables world, the Moxie is an external wearable vibrator that clips onto the inside of a pair of underwear. Compatible with the aforementioned We-Connect remote, We-Vibes second appearance in this list is a toy that needs to make an appearance (or rather be hidden) at every dinner date with your partner from here on out! It’s silent, soft, and can be used in place of a bullet during sex, and can be yours today!


N – Novice by B-Vibe

The Novice is the perfect beginners anal toy. Tiny butt mighty, pun intended, the Novice touts a powerful vibrating motor in the tip, and super soft silicone all over. This is a premium toy for people looking to dip their toes in the world of anal play, and is the best of the best. Step into a new world of pleasure with the Novice today!


O – Original by Fleshlight

The OG. The one and only. The one that started it all. The Original Fleshlight is nothing fancy, but it gets the job done. There can be all the gimmicks in the world, but sometimes all you want is the simplicity of something to get the job done. The Original, although pretty basic, gave Fleshlight their fame, and for good reason. It’ll get the job done, no stress. Come pick one up!


P – Premium by Womanizer

I’ve already spoken about the Womanizer Duo (aka ‘The Squirting Machine’), and mentioned it touts the same suction and faux vibration as the Premium, which is this toy here. Made to replicate the best head you wish you had utilising the aforementioned suction and faux vibration directly onto the clit, the Premium will show you what you’ve been missing. After going viral online, the Premium became a bestseller, and remains one of Oh!Zones highest selling toys to date. Come see what all the hype is about, and prepare to have your mind blown!


Q – Quickshot by Fleshlight

Fleshlight has branched out. No more are Fleshlights just for solo use; the Quickshot is made to be used during a couples session. Essentially a ring, the Quickshot has no back, and is made to be used to enhance a blowjob or handjob ten-fold. Perfect to welcome a partner into the world of toys, and perfect to get their toes curled, the Quickshot is one of the cheapest toys on this list. Come in quick! (haha)


R – Rimming II by B-Vibe

The Rimming II is an award winning toy. An uber powerful plug, paired with rotating beads in the neck to replicate a rimming sensation, premium silicone, a 3 year warranty, a remote control, and a handy-dandy travel case? Yea, award winning sounds right! Perfect for solo or couple play, the Rimming II will open your eyes to a whole new world of pleasure!


S – Series 3 by Doxy

I’m almost certain this toy could be used as a weapon. The Series 3 is an all metal wand with super soft silicone wrapping the head, and needs to be plugged in to the goddamn wall to use. What?? This thing is so powerful, so extreme, and is sure to be loved by you, but hated by your neighbours (or rather, your whole neighbourhood!). It’s also great to fix knots in your back, but fairly, I doubt you’ll be using it on THAT part of your body. Come on by and unleash the power of the Doxy Series 3!


T – Triplet by B-Vibe

Beads! Anal beads, to be specific. B-Vibe comes through again, creating some incredibly high quality toys for all to enjoy! The Triplet stands above the rest in it’s class due to the 3 motors it touts; one in each bead. It’s powerful, and you’ll know it. The Triplet should be yours immediately!


U – Ultra Wand by Femme Fun

All the way back at B, I spoke about the wonderful Booster Bullet by Femme Fun, and how powerful that thing was. Introducing the Ultra Wand; it’s more powerful older sibling. This wand is coated in ultra soft Premium Silicone and touts an ultra-flexible head, and vibrations that are bound to drive you wild! The Ultra Wand is fantastic bang for your buck, and should be in your inventory immediately!


V – Verge by We-Vibe

Welcome back to the party, We-Vibe. The Verge is their Premium cock ring, and boy is it premium. Made to stimulate either the clit or the testes, the Verge is versatile, powerful, and sleek as hell. Comfortable, and again made with super high quality silicone, the Verge is perfect for a fun night in with a partner! Swing by and grab one today!


W – Wand by Le Wand

I’ll be the first to admit that my description of the Doxy Series 3 was a bit intense. The Wand by Le Wand is much more tame, but still incredibly high quality. Touting a flexible, soft, silicone head, intuitive buttons, countless settings, and plenty of interchangeable attachments, the Wand by Le Wand is a classy, calm, and collected toy for those who want some luxury in the bedroom. Make your next time getting funky a little more luxurious with the Wand by Le Wand today!


X – X by Zumio

I was worried about X when looking for toys for this list, but was pleasantly reminded of the X by a sale I made while writing this. The X is a little different to your standard clitoral stimulator; it touts rotation, not vibration. Made for precise stimulation exactly where you want in, and avoiding the numbing and buzzing often associated with vibrations, the X is an innovative toy made for those looking to try something outside of the norm. Looking more like a toothbrush than a sex toy, the X is discreet, and is perfect to travel with, or use in the shower, as it is fully submersible! The X should be yours now!


Y – Yoru by Iroha

The Yoru by Iroha seems more like an art piece than a sex toy, but the Yoru should definitely not be overlooked. Made by Tenga, the same company that made the toy at Z in this list (no skipping ahead!), and the creator of countless premium men’s masturbators, stepped into the world of vaginal stimulation and made a splash. The Yoru specifically touts an open mouth style design, perfect for teasing and squeezing everywhere you would want it. Also flexing complete submersibility, and powerful internal vibrations, the Yoru could be used for some fun times, then displayed on a shelf because of the incredible design. Try something new with the Yoru today!


Z – Zero Flip by Tenga

It’s only fitting that the list was finished with something as incredible as the Zero Flip by Tenga. Tenga creates their toys not to replicate the real deal; they create to make something better. The Zero is Tengas premium line of male masturbators. Combining adjustable pressure, vacuum technology, and looking like the remote for the pod bay doors on the Death Star, this toy is an incredibly innovative male sex toy that needs to be yours immediately!


And that’s it! 26 toys, one for each letter of the alphabet. Something for everyone, something for solo use, something to use with a partner, and something new to try no matter what! Keep in mind, all these toys are available today at Oh!Zone Caringbah, and plenty of other Adult Lifestyle Centres across sydney or even at our adult shop online. Come on in, and invest in your pleasure today!


Alex is a consultant at Oh!Zone Stores in Sydney.

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